Day 245-Motivational Monday-Keep Moving!

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I found today’s quote on Pinterest under Wise Quotes about Life from a website called

When you are my age, if you stop moving, you stiffen up!

That’s not the only reason you need to keep moving however. Besides the obvious health reasons, like bone loss, spinal changes and increased risk of heart disease, when you are moving you are getting something done. Don’t let life pass you by, keep up with it!

Thats my short and sweet post today, don’t forget to join me tomorrow for MET and enjoy this beautiful Monday!


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  1. Thank you for those, actually, ignore the emails I sent you, I just realized the company I emailed with questions was a different one than this. 😉 It’s called

    1. But if I don’t have epilepsy, can I still get one? I have other issues I could get my Dr to recommend I would think-PKD, FIBROMYALGIA, ANXIETY, ARTHRITIS. Thanks for all the info you continue to provide.

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