Day 248-Rimmel Product Review and Do You Ibotta?

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Good evening everyone! Today I want to ask you a question and then tell you about two new amazing products I started using about a week or two ago.

Join Ibotta and get cash back!

Remember awhile back when I told you all about the fabulous new app I was using to make money back shopping for the things I buy on a normal basis anyway? Like groceries, toiletries and even pharmaceuticals? That app was called Ibotta, and so far I have made back $15.94 and I have two people on my team. This month they are doing a special and you can earn a $2.00 boost for redeeming 4 rebates.

The way it works is by following these steps:

  • Download the App (required to submit a receipt)
  • Unlock rebates- Before shopping, unlock cash rewards by completing simple tasks
  • Go shopping-Buy the products you unlocked at any supported store (318 stores)
  • Verify your purchases-Scan your product barcodes, then submit a photo of your receipt
  • Get cash-You’ll have cash deposited in your Ibotta account within 48 hrs

It’s easy and the stores I use it most at like Walmart and CVS have tons of rebates on things I use every day.

As you can see, I’m getting close-I have not been as diligent as I could be, you have to remember to purchase the exact items you previously checked off. Sometimes I get in a hurry to get in and out f the store. It’s like reading labels, you have to take a little time, but it’s worth it to get your money back!


After you download the app, which is available at the app store on IOS or wherever you normally download yours from, you go through and check off items at the stores you normally shop at for things you buy every week. Example: I might look at Walmart’s rebates, check off items like eggs, bread and sandwich meat for instance, then when I purchase the exact items I checked off, I get a rebate in my app bank for whatever the amount was, say $1 back for bread or .50 back on eggs. Get it? Then, you get your friends and family to sign up, and once they make their first confirmed purchase, you get $5 back and they get a $10 welcome bonus for joining Ibotta. Whenever I reach $20 in my app bank, I can make a withdrawal.

You can also link a loyalty account  (like Best Buy) and once you have done the same steps as above, use your loyalty card or phone number at the check out and that’s it! You get cash back on verified purchases the same way. You can click on any of the blue links in this post to take you directly to their website where everything is explained step by step. I’m here to try to help you save money and make yourself  a little too!

My two new favorite makeup products from Rimmel London

Next on my list is to tell you about two new makeup items I actually found through Ibotta, while shopping for the exercise ball at Target. One is a base makeup called Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation made by Rimmel London. I love it because it goes on smoothly and easily with fingers or a sponge applicator and provides all day coverage with no shine! I got mine in Ivory shade, but there were several others to choose from. My price at Target was $3.29.

The next item I bought was also by Rimmel London and it is a lip stain/gloss in one cool pen. It is called Provocalips 16hr Kiss Proof Lip Color, and let me just say, that is no lie! This stuff really stays on, in fact, until you wash it off! I use lip gloss, eat, vape and drink, and still, I check the mirror and it is still on there! I love it- I can and have, added other lipstick/gloss to freshen up the shine but the stain is underneath and I  don’t ever have to re-apply that. I would definitely buy this again. My shade is Wish Upon A Berry and there are many more to choose from. $4.39 at Target.

Well, that’s all I have for ya today, let me know what you think and please give these products a try as well as joining Ibotta. Just click the link and sign up under my referral code and once you have your first verified purchase, you will earn $10 and I will earn $5. It’s a win, win!

Join me tomorrow for the next installment of the series Angels in Arvada, for flash fiction Friday. Let’s wrap up this week with a bang, shall we? Later folks!


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  1. Well…. I am afraid I probably won’t be trying either the foundation, or the lip stain…. not part of my normal skin routine, if you know what I mean! 😉

  2. is that one of those apps that you need an iphone to use? and how do you scan the product code? with a scanner or back to the iphone thing again?

    1. Well, I have an iPhone but you can use an android I’m sure. You scan the bar code from within the app when prompted. It’s part of the verification process. First you usually have to take a picture of your receipt and then you scan the code. That’s how they make sure you bought the exact thing you unlocked the rebate on.

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