Day 249-Flash Fiction Friday-Angels of Arvada-Part 6-Girl Talk

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Once Amanda and Ethan were safely back at the cabin with all of their newly purchased groceries and other provisions, Julian wished them a pleasant evening and took his leave. He had given her a lot of food for thought as well as the food they just bought, she was looking forward to some quite time later to think, reflect and maybe enjoy a glass of wine and some girl talk with her bestie, Sandy.

For now though, she and Ethan had dinner to fix, plus she wanted to make a perimeter check of the cabin to make sure nothing was broken or otherwise damaged in the avalanche, now that the melt was on. What she decided to do was put Ethan in charge of sandwich making while she went around the cabin, checking for holes and other possible problems. Luckily, unless there was an issue on the roof, everything looked ok. They would be alright for this evening anyway, she headed back in to make a fire and join Ethan for supper. They noshed on pb&j sandwiches and potato chips with a frosty root beer…comfort food, for sure.

After the dishes were cleared, Amanda read Ethan a bedtime story and tucked him in. He had been so exhausted after the busy day they had just experienced, he was out like a light before she even finished it. Now it was time to phone-a-friend and get that relaxation on with a glass of wine. She and Sandy had much to cuss and discuss. Back in the living room, she got her glass and cozied up by the fire in her spot on the couch. Just as she reached for the phone it rang! She looked at the caller ID and it was Sandy, “she must have ESP’ she thought as she answered it. “Hey girl” she said after ¬†Sandy said hello. “Hello again, are you guys alright?” Amanda replied, “Yes, much better now that Julian rescued us and¬†took us to get supplies!” “OMG, really? You had to be rescued? Who is this Julian?” Sandy peppered her with questions. Amanda related the whole story along with the feelings that Julian stirred in her. Sandy had to be the voice of reason and said, “Girl, be careful. You don’t know him from Adam, he could just be trying to get in those cute britches of yours.” “Oh, come on,” Amanda shot back, “Surely you know I can take care of myself by now!”

They talked until late in the night, the next thing Amanda knew, three glasses were gone and it was past two in the morning. The last thing she remembered saying to Sandy was that she hoped she and Julian had another date soon, she really wanted to get to know him and meet his daughter. Sandy had warned her about the dangers of getting too close too fast, but Amanda had said she wouldn’t do anything rash, she just wanted some male companionship and a friend for Ethan to hang out with. “Besides, I owe him.” Sandy was shocked by this and said “You owe him what? A roll in the hay for doing his job?” “No, silly” Amanda replied, giggling, “Just a drink maybe and some company for dinner some night…and maybe a kiss on the cheek.” “Yeah, right-ha!” Amanda could just envision Sandy rolling her eyes through the phone line.

Amanda went on to tell her about Julian’s foster daughter and all of her issues, soon Sandy was as intrigued as Amanda. She mentioned there might be a trip to Mexico in her future if she played her cards right, they both hung up giggling and Amanda stumbled to her bedroom, slipped into bed and started dreaming about him as soon as her head hit the pillow.