Day 250-Free Days-The Importance of R & R

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Hello all and how has your Saturday been so far? Our weather has been nice but with a sustained wind of 30mph most of the day!

Last night we celebrated my brother’s birthday with friends, music and drinks at Sparks sports bar. We went to enjoy his friend’s band-Plunder Monkeys-and just relax and have a good time. Which we did, and the music was pretty good, for old time rock. We enjoyed a couple of beverages and some BBQ from Dickey’s which was right behind the club. Then it was back to our house for some pool and a few drinks. I know I needed a stress reliever, but Kevin surely did, he has been working 10-12 hr days the last couple of weeks. Here are some pics of us to prove we were there, lol!

Left to right-Elise, myself, David and my friend Julie
Elise, myself and Kevin-the birthday boy!
Another shot

Somehow, I completely forgot to show the band or our friends Kerry and Michelle who were also there.

Today, we had all kinds of things we could have/should have done. We ignored all that and decided to go have fun at the casino. Although we lost, we had a good time, I tried not to think about any other responsibilities because, sometimes, you really need to mentally check out and detach from reality for a while. The casino is a great place to do that, beautiful colors, crazy carpets, no clocks and distracting sounds keep you focused on having fun and not worrying about the real world for a couple of hours anyway.

One of the beautiful fountains and ceilings at Winstar Casino
I love the glittery dragons the most!

At one point hunger hit and we decided on our favorite lunch spot at the casino, El Fenix.

This location has the most gorgeous decorations
Even the bar area has beautiful artwork

After returning home we continued our day of relaxation on the couch, resting, and that is currently where I’m writing this blog! Hey, at least I did that! I hope you all had a great, relaxing day, even if you didn’t totally check out like me. Some days, it’s just what you need. 🙂


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