Day 252-Motivational Monday-Jesus Loves You, Do you Believe It?

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It’s Easter week folks, and today I have a great inspirational quote for you.

While I don’t usually wax religion here on the blog, but it’s a place we can talk about anything, and today I want to talk about God. So trust me when I say, I believe He loves you and me, and died for us all. I believe because that is what I was taught from a very young age. I believe because I have seen miracles,  big and small. I have been tested, as I’m sure we all have, but I come back to my faith every time. My grandmother wanted me to learn the 23 Psalm when I was small, and I did. It has stayed with me ever since. I remember going to Catholic services growing up and it set the foundation for me, even though I have become Methodist, I believe the fundamental truths. I believe He wants me to spread the word and I hope you don’t mind, I just felt inspired to do so.

Now, me talking about God may cause some people to leave, or not like me anymore, and that would be a shame. Because I am not ashamed, and in fact, I am concerned. I recently read an email that has been in circulation for awhile from Ben Stein, and it got me thinking about how the country has gone downhill. It’s because we have been forced to think what we have believed all of our lives is somehow bad, or wrong or politically incorrect. Well, not me. I stand by my convictions and may die by them, but that is what faith is all about. Do you believe? Are you proud to admit it? It’s ok, really. Go read that email from Ben again and tell me if you don’t agree with him. If we don’t stand up for God, if we are too ashamed to admit we believe, we may all be doomed anyway.

I have to say, I just feel so much better the week after I go to church. I can admit that I do not always make it to church, that doesn’t mean I stop believing. We are still searching for a church that resonates with us like our old one used to. We may have found it, I’m not sure yet. What I do know is, I can worship from anywhere and that is what’s important. I will share that hours after we returned home yesterday, a member from St Paul (the church we visited) came by and brought us a delicious fruit bread-they call it their Bread Ministry and I think that is so nice! I did have to taste it and it was really good. Will that be the deciding factor on our choice of church? Of course not, but it was a kindness that you just don’t see that often anymore. Kind of old fashioned and wonderful.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week, and join me tomorrow for MET. I have to get my fur babies to the groomers tomorrow before they can no longer walk because their hair is too long. 😉 So my essay may be about how much of a pet lover I am. Anyway, hope to see you back here, cause you are all welcome on the patio. 




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  1. I know, and more people need to get over their fears of offending someone by proclaiming their faith. We have to take our country back!

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