Day 255-Throwback Thursday-Where Did it Go? (The Evolution of My Hair)

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Once upon a time, in a state called Mississippi, there lived a little girl with long, beautiful hair. Her grandad loved her hair, but since he did not have to brush it and take care of it, the girl’s mother decided it would be better if she cut it short. In a pixie. She looked like a little boy then, and the grandfather was very sad. Mother didn’t care though, it was so much easier for her to care for.

The evolution of my hair from long and thick to short and thin

Thus began the up and down history of my hair, I would grow it out, it would thin and become limp, I would perm it and/or color it in an attempt to get thick, lustrous hair again, with some body…only to tire of having to curl and fix it every day, so I would cut it short.  As the years went by, and I had children and experimented with drugs and alcohol, my hair suffered the consequences. It got thinner and had less and less body.  Then again, my mother and grandmother both began with long thick hair and died with thin or barely existent hair. so, maybe it’s inherited-I’m not sure. I’ve tried thickening shampoos, medicated shampoos, essential oils and vitamins. Right now I’m on added Biotin, it seems to be helping somewhat.

My hair now-me with my brother

I do have to admit, while I like the look of long hair, having it short is sooooo much easier to take care of. There are days when I feel like washing it, adding some mousse and running out the door, but I just can’t do it. I feel naked if it isn’t fixed somewhat, like putting on a little make-up…I like to be at least presentable when leaving the house. 🙂 I have even considered wigs, scarves and hats, maybe it will come to that one day, but by then, hopefully I will be living by the beach and everyone knows you don’t care what your hair does there!



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  1. I had thin straight hair and it was kept short in a Pixie! until I was in grade 5, I let it grow, then in grade 10 got it cut short again, but as the years went on, my hair started getting wavy and thicker, I let it grow long until I got a job that required I wear a hairnet, so I chopped it off, only to find out I still had to wear one! I wasn’t happy.Now I keep my hair shoulder length and it’s pretty curly…..weird, (I just hate it is getting darker and darker, I used to be blonde!!
    I like your hair, it suits you! (the shortness). Cute like you! 🙂

  2. When I was young I was the same way about not having short hair because it would make me look like a boy. I was probably 9 or 10 and I did get my haircut in a pixie. I was riding my banana seat bike with flowers on it and a wicker basket in the front (no training wheels) when the street I was going down a hill. I went crash and go boom skidding up my knee, ugh! I was a street over from my house, and no one was around. So I started walking with my bike on the side. A car was coming down the street and saw me I did not know them and they did not know me. It was 2 elderly ladies, one of them got out of the car and asked if I lived far. I told them I live around the corner, and that I would be fine. My poor knee was all bloody. She said that she would at least go tell my parent’s that I fell off my bike. My dad met me halfway, and we got me cleaned up with a Band-Aid. He told me later that when the lady came out to the door she said, “Your little boy fell off his bike, and I want to commend you for teaching him right because he would not get in the car with strangers!” From that point on I had long hair up until around 2006! I totally feel you though about having short hair now. That it is so much easier to take care of even if I do have to look like a boy!

  3. I think your picture looks great. The hair style in the picture really looks great on you. I miss my hair but it is part of the years and mileage I have seen.

    1. Aww, thank you very much! Even if I get more thickness from the biotin, I’ll probably still keep it short since it’s easier to care for. Yes, the miles do show in my face and my hair, lol!

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