Day 261-Wednesday's Medical Minute-Rethinking Your Sweeteners

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Good morning everyone! Today I want to revamp one of my earlier posts (I believe it was Day 30-What’s Your Sweetener) and explain again some of the finer points about sweeteners and which ones are best for your health.

I said in that long ago post that sugar feeds cancer and that even though I am cancer free (that I know of) why encourage the growth of it, if indeed it is there? The very thought scares me to death, maybe because I used to work for a cancer treatment center for almost 15 years. Not to mention, my own husband and his cancer experience.

I rely on different natural sweeteners like stevia, agave, and 100% pure maple syrup-in small quantities of course. I even switched the brand of stevia I’m using to Pyure sweetener because it’s certified organic, with 0 calories and sugar, 1 carb and 1 fiber per serving, and has nothing added like dextrose or erythritol. I’m guilty of sometimes sharing my home made goodies with my pets, so I cannot use erythritol in my baked goods or they will get sick…and possibly die! Pyure brand sweetener only has organic stevia extract blended with organic agave.

This is how I buy my sweetener, bagged for making tea and cooking, pkts for my daily coffee.

Right now, if you buy it from iHerb you will save 28%. Just saying. Now, I have to add this statement if I’m being completely honest. Ordering from there is best for people who can’t get to a local Walmart or other retailer because iHerb will add significant shipping unless your order totals $35 or more. (Then it’s free) So it is up to you if you want to purchase there. If you do, we will both save, so it’s a win, win! If I run out, I go into panic mode, that’s when I order it online.

Most store bought sweets are chock full of sugar, and I’ve talked about how sugar is the devil before. Honestly, I do not buy store bought sweets, I make my own, that way I control the sweetness by added trusted, organic natural sweeteners. I try not to eat anything processed, if it is in a box or a bag, it usually has artificial ingredients. Here are several reasons why sugar is so bad for you.

  • Sugar has no nutrients and is bad for your teeth- cause tooth decay by feeding the harmful bacteria in your mouth
  • Sugar contains fructose, one of the two simple sugars that enter the bloodstream from the digestive tract. Yes, you get fructose from eating fruit, that’s ok. Large amounts of sugar overload the liver with fructose, which leads to fatty liver and other serious problems.
  • Sugar can cause insulin resistance, possibly leading to metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • Sugar can contribute to cancer-scientists believe that having constantly elevated insulin levels from sugar consumption has this effect.
  • Sugar is highly addictive-this is because it releases a massive amount of dopamine in the reward center of the brain
  • Sugar…not fat, raises your cholesterol and leads to heart disease-large amounts of fructose can raise triglycerides, LDL levels and blood glucose levels (and insulin levels) and cause abdominal obesity in as little as 10 weeks!
  • Continued sugar consumption makes losing weight nearly impossible
Sugar is highly addictive

I also detest the use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose. Many people have reported experiencing bad side effects like migraines and painful joints after years of consuming products with these sweeteners.

The bottom line is-natural sweeteners are better for your health, ween yourself off of sugar before it can cause devastating effects on your body.

I hope I have set the record straight on why sugar is so bad for you, please leave your comments and suggestions in the box and join me tomorrow for another Throwback Thursday or a product review…you’ll have to come back to find out!

6 Replies to “Day 261-Wednesday's Medical Minute-Rethinking Your Sweeteners”

  1. Lol, well that makes me feel so good! I’m glad you trust me enough to buy my recommendations. 😊 If I’ve helped one person eat/shop/live healthier, I feel I’ve done my job! I’ll keep you posted of any new products on my grocery list to try!

  2. Thank goodness for that! Glad you are a fellow user, have you tried the Pyure brand? You can even get it at Walmart-wait, did I already tell you about that, lol?!😂

    1. I have not tried Pyure brand, YET! But looks like I may be going to WallyWorld today…. 🙂 So, here’s the deal, when you make out your weekly shopping list, you should probably CC me with it too, so I will know what to get, since my pantry seems to be becoming the clone of yours every week! LOL!

  3. Back in the mid-80s, my sister Christia was the Ass’t Manager of a food co-op in the college town we both lived in. She introduced me to stevia back then. At that time, it was available only in it’s herbal form, not finely ground and powdery. More like oregano… It was not so easy to bake with back then!! Great strides in stevia technology rule the day!! 😀

  4. Well, that’s not what I’m saying. I’d rather you used real sugar than Sweet and Low! If you want a better alternative, Stevia is all natural, safe for diabetic use and tastes great! Poured brand is what I use but there are others on the market (even Walmart has a version) that would be better than that poison!!

  5. I had forgotten about the chemical it produces in the brain. I used to put Sweet-N-Low in my Coffee and it tasted better than sugar at times. I need to get back to that I suppose.

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