Day 262-What Is The Origin of 4/20?

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This morning I had a great idea and figured I’d write on it when I got home from work.  I should know by now, that never works because, alas, the thought has fled my mind! I do not have anything picked out or ready for Throwback Thursday and no access to my computer right now ( I’m on my iPad), therefore, my brain is toast. I have too many things on my mind, it’s like a radio station is playing multiple channels in my head and I can’t pick out the one I need to concentrate on. Does that make sense? Let me walk away and come back, maybe that will jog my memory.

Jeez, no dice, but I did remember that today is 4/20, an important date in the world of people who use/want to legalize/ cannibis and for anyone unfamiliar with the “holiday”, I have included a link from Leafly which explains the origin and history of the date quite effectively.

Photo credit: Wikipedia
Cannibis Sativa

Just in case the link doesn’t work, go to and look for What Is The Meaning and Origin of The 4/20 Holiday? Now, I am not a user of cannibis, but I am interested in seeing it legalized for medicinal purposes and I’ve been studying all I can about CBD oil and it’s benefits. So don’t worry, my bad memory doesn’t come from being a pot smoker, in fact, maybe if I started using CBD oil it would help!

Ah, yes it’s coming back to me now…I was going to say that I feel like we are in the tail of a comet-power went off for a couple of hours last night, computers not working off and on-like now!  My laptop is online and now my iPad and phone won’t let me download pics from  Pixabay. Grrrrrr!

I’m worried about my cousin who had a stroke this week, I’m trying to plan a 50th birthday party for my friend who normally plans everyone else’s parties, the anniversary of my mom’s passing was two days ago…on top of all the day to day normal stuff that makes us all crazy. No excuse for not being prepared, I know. Honestly, I’ll be glad when my self imposed year of daily blogging is up and I can cut back a little. Some days, you’re just a little tired I guess.

I glad I finally remembered what I was going to say anyway-sorry for no Throwback Thursday today, come back tomorrow when my mood might be better and I hopefully have something ready for Flash Fiction Friday! 😉






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  1. Your partly right about the power. It’s not a comet tail, but we do have higher than normal solar activity for today and tomorrow.

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