Day 264-Free Days-Why You Need To Check Out My Website

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As Sophie would say on Two Broke Girls tv show: Hello everybody!

This morning I am bummed to be bringing you this post from a cold and very windy patio, because we have outside work to do today and I am a big baby about feeling cold. 😭

On the other hand, I have good news to share-I finally have my first (not technically) affiliate post published over at my website Products From the Patio. Remember when I accidentally erased my first post? Well, I redid it and now my review of SiteGround is officially live!

I have decided that for the time being I will do a trial run and have a weekend website of sorts, with a post on Saturdays called the Saturday Spotlight where I will review a product or service that has helped me in my business, whether from the writing aspect or just something that makes my life better in general. The on Sundays, I will have another called The Sunday Review and that will be it for the week. That way, I will not become overwhelmed and when my year of daily writing is up on this blog, I may re-evaluate things.

So, if you are interested in starting your own website, or just want to see how I did on my first product review, please head over to Products From the Patio and check it out, send me some love in the form of comments and/or suggestions and I will be so appreciative!

PS: I’m still having computer problems so if my link does not work, find me at (Products From the Patio)

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