Saturday Spotlight-Who Is the Best For Hosting Your Website? (Product Review)

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Today, Kimmy shines her spotlight on SiteGround and how it is the best company for hosting your website.

I’m recommending them because they were recommended to me by Grayson Bell when I was setting up my website, and I have never regretted that decision.

Here are some reasons why they are the best choice for you:

After performing tests with several other web hosting companies, SiteGround outshines them all in these four areas:

Speed– Their loading time with cache is the fastest at 1.3 seconds

Performance– Compared to the industry average which is 2853 hits handled, they hand 3 times more without cache-8276! If you add cache, they handle 230,000 hits! Hits means traffic, for those who aren’t sure.

Support– They have the best support, hands down than any of the 12 other hosting companies tested.

Security- They keep your site safe by offering hack protection and guarding you from your neighbors.

As you can see from the screenshots, SiteGround has performed the tests to prove they have what it takes to be the best in the business of web hosting.

I personally use them for my website and have had no problems in over a year of service, my questions have always been answered promptly and I get weekly updates from them letting me know that my site is clean. That’s peace of mind, I just set it and forget it. They do all the heavy lifting for me. I’ve also had no interruptions in service.

The one and only issue I’ve had is continuing my service-it was time to re-up for another year and I experienced a glitch when trying to pay and ensure I wasn’t about to lose my website. It all got worked out though, between one of their technicians and Grayson Bell, who kind of acts as a liaison between them and me. He has been such a help to me when I have had any question at all, never getting flustered or put out with me.

They also have the best price of all the other hosting companies at $2.95 per month for one website, 10,000 visits monthly, and all essential features. If you’re just starting out, this is most likely all you need. Hurry, this pricing is only good through Sept. 30!

I encourage all of you needing to start a website to click this link-SiteGround and it will take you straight to the sign up page and get you started enjoying the best web hosting your money can buy.




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