Day 270-Free Days-Hoping Mother Nature Changes Her Mind

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Good morning everyone and how are you this muggy Saturday morning? We have evening plans ourselves, so naturally, Mother Nature has other ideas, threatening to rain on our fish fry, so to say. Actually,  it isn’t our fish fry, it is our friend Julie’s- still, I hate for her to have her outside fun have to move indoors. Say a prayer for better weather will you, that would be great!

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We are also trying desperately to get our next home improvement ready (the game room renovation) so it is ready for the big party that is coming up next month. We have much work to do outside as well, this stormy weather is keeping us from making progress though. Maybe we will get lucky and sneak some work in before it arrives. Currently, it is super windy, warm and muggy-the perfect set up for spring storms in Texas. 🙁

I also wanted to tell you about my Saturday Spotlight over at Products From the Patio– today I did a product review on Michelle Gardner’s course I just took Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I would so appreciate it if you would all give it a read and give me some honest feedback.

Thanks in advance for your prayers as well as your comments and suggestions on my product review. Have a fabulous day and I hope Mother Nature is good to all of you today! I promise to update later on how the fish gets fried, join me tomorrow when I post again on the patio!


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4 Replies to “Day 270-Free Days-Hoping Mother Nature Changes Her Mind”

  1. I wonder what kind of had that girl used for her affiliate marketing? I did you click the link and read about how see got started making $100,000 a month but did I look over how long it took her? Kind of like your motivational Mon when it talks about how when you dream something not to give up and something seems to take too long. The affiliate marketing course looks great!

  2. WOW. I’m going to take notes from you on the affiliate marketing. Thinking of upgrading my site to do the same. I dub you “The Affiliate Guru”. Gurus need other Gurus. 😉

    1. Aw, thank you Roxy, but I have a long way before I reach guru status, lol! I am going to keep working on it though!

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