Day 274-WMM-Why I'm Trying CBD Products

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For years I have struggled with several medical issues ranging from arthritis to depression, fibromyalgia to anxiety. I have tried many different methods to combat these issues, going Paleo, using essential oils,  and it has helped, but not completely alleviated my symptoms. I was able to get off my anti-depressant and that is a good thing.

Then I started hearing more and more about CBD oil and did some research. Between other blogs sharing information, like Roxy over at The Oily Guru, and product info from CBD websites, to reading about the legislation and how it’s changing and becoming more positive toward the use of hemp and cannabis products, I felt educated enough to make an informed decision to finally try a product for myself.

The product I was most interested in was the CBD oil for vaping, so I checked out three different sources and finally chose the one that was local to me. Turns out one of the shops I normally purchase my “juice” from carries CBD oil and once I learned that, it influenced my decision to buy local. I purchased an oil from Blue Moon brand, it is flan flavored and delicious! If you click on the link, it will take you to the website and you can check out products they sell, quality and testing info and frequently asked questions so you can make an informed decision of your own.

Getting ready to load my tank

The fellow that assisted me at the vapor shop told me I would feel the effect in fifteen minutes. Well, he was off a bit, I felt it immediately! Now, don’t freak out or think it makes you high…all it does is produce a relaxing feeling, no euphoria or psychoactive effect. Just a nice relaxation of my shoulders, like the tension just left me. I call it “taking the edge off” and was pleasantly surprised that I felt something so quickly. Wine may do something similar, but does not provide the same benefit as CBD oil may.

For anyone that has not been following myself or anyone else’s blog that explains what CBD oil is, there are many resources out there that do a great job of it-Leafly, for example, can tell you anything you want to know. Their website mostly concentrates on the CBD from different strains of medicinal marijuana, which is not what I purchased.

CBD stands for cannabinoid and in the case of the product I purchased, it comes from the seeds and stalks of industrial hemp plants specially bred to contain high concentrations of naturally occurring Cannabinoid-Cannabidiol. (CBDa) It contains over 400 phytonutrients and enhances our own endocannabinoid system.

I could have ordered straight from the website but wanted to save money by driving straight to the source. They also had tinctures with CBD oil, which I’m considering purchasing in the future…not only for myself but for my pets. It is totally safe and very beneficial to them, relieves certain skin problems like itching, and provides the same phytonutrients.

Another company I looked into also has a shop in my area, about thirty minutes away. They carry CBD oil products like soap, massage oil and infused coconut oil. I would love to go check out their store next time. For myself, I have decided to use the vapor 50% of the time and the CBD oil the other 50%. I think using it mainly at night will help me sleep by relaxing me from the stresses of the day. There is 100mg of CBD in the whole bottle, so I’m getting a very small amount with each puff, maybe 5mg.

CBD oil from hemp is legal because it contains no THC and will not cause you to fail a drug test. It does not require a permit or a prescription so you can feel safe and confident purchasing those products. (By the way, clicking on the links does not help me in any way, it just takes you to the sites so you can read more information.)

I will keep you informed on how this product helps me and if my pain is alleviated with consistent use. The word is, that using CBD helps with the pain and inflammation of arthritis, but that is not an endorsement from the FDA, nor has it been evaluated by them. Always check with your own doctor before trying a new supplement, I’m providing this information as a service and not telling you to diagnose or treat your symptoms with this product.

Would you be willing to check out something that has been used for centuries to help with your symptoms and/or conditions? Let’s start the conversation, I’d like to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Meanwhile, I will be relaxing on the patio and waiting to hear back from you. See you tomorrow!

8 Replies to “Day 274-WMM-Why I'm Trying CBD Products”

    1. Yes, Blue Moon does, it’s called Elevate and they have lozenges too! The website is called, and they have tinctures, and CBD vape oil as well.
      As far as myself, I just put the oil straight into the tank I use on a daily basis. It is specially formulated to go in your e-cig (which I’ve been using for a couple of years now, since I switched from smoking to vaping). I use an Aspire tank and as eLeaf battery.
      Anyway, you can buy directly from the website, but I looked at the store locater and found they sold products at my local vapor shop!! That’s how I got it so fast and I saved $8 shipping! Go to the website and see if you have a vapor shop near you that sells their products. They can explain how to get set up if you have never vaped anything before. If you are not a smoker or vaper, you might do better with the gum or tincture.
      I hope this helps!! (Or I could make a special trip and come show you 😉)!!

      1. Love it Kimmy! Thank you for the most informative post and follow up! You ROCK!!!
        As far as coming up to see you….I’d love to but it takes an act of congress to get me off this Island. LOL. If I decide to head your way for any reason you can rest assured that I will let you know in advance! Same goes for you my friend.

  1. That is amazing Kimmy. Can you share the vaporizer information with us, how you did it, quantity and all of the dirty details such as website, address, etc. LOL This is a new area for most folks and personally I would not know how to go about vaping properly. Hugs!!!

  2. For you sweet girl, I would suggest an edible, tincture or gum. 😊
    That would be a better delivery method for you. You could chew a piece of gum while you listened to a tape or have your dad put a few drops of the tincture under your tongue before you get into bed.
    The tiny amount I’m getting is fine and having a glass of wine will not harm me or take away from the benefit of the CBD. They make it affordable, but not so much you’ll be running back to the store any time soon! My bottle was $30 and will last me quite a while! Thanks for your questions!

  3. Let’s talk about the expense, shall we? Did it cost a bunch for the bottle of it? And how long will the bottle last? I am extremely happy that it was able to take the stress from you. When you do take it is it okay to mix with alcohol? If I knew it did not cost a fortune I would consider, however I would also need to talk to my dad about helping me at night to take it. Would I need to buy a vapor to get the same effect? I can always use help getting to sleep, I can watch TV or listen to my Kindle in bed while using it so that way I would not be overly relaxed to transfer. Rolling on, Stephanie

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