Day 278-Free Days-One Step Closer

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More hard work today got us one step closer to being party ready, and we are again…so pooped we can barely stay awake!! We have bathed, lotioned and fed on a delicious home grilled meal-chicken and sweet potatoes with a salad- and we are trying to make it through our shows without nodding off. I felt I’d better Blog before it was too late, there’s a possible chance I’ll hit the record button and go to bed!!!

Facebook was kind enough to make a lovely video of our hard work, you can check it out on my personal page.

In case it doesn’t work, here are some pics:

I cleaned out another section of ground cover, I even wielded a pick axe!
Today I dug all this bed out and sifted out the trash and acorns
I worked it all the way to the last set of bushes, then quit for the day
Dave hard at work painting the wainscot
A sneak peek at our new colors and the platform for the new tv location
Dave got the top and I got most of the bottom-2 coats!!

I’m bushed…no pun intended!! So much more to do but my stress level is lowered now that this much got done. Thanks to my hubby for all your hard work! Sorry the writing has been lacking and I had no product reviews ready for this weekend, sometimes life happens!

Now I’m ready to get a few plants, even if they don’t go in the ground yet, I’m not above placing container plants out temporarily so things look nice for the party. There is much to do yet to get the game room finished but I’m sure we will make it now. Hopefully, we don’t have to kick each other out of bed in the morning to get going! We are sore! See you tomorrow, God willin and the creek don’t rise!!

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  1. GIRRRL!! You are probably asleep now, but in the morning take 2 Aleve, get a hot bath, use some sore no more! If you are able to come over bring your laptop so that I can see the pictures better of your progress. Parents do not leave until around 11 for cards. So if you want to come later just text my dad.

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