Day 284-Free Days-Shhhhh, Maybe No One Noticed!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there in the blogosphere!

In all the hullabaloo yesterday, cleaning, cooking and making sure everything went off without a hitch for the big surprise party…I completely forgot to blog, breaking my almost year long record. 🙁

Maybe y’all didn’t even notice, or care for that matter, because really it was only important to me. My son told me at 3am to give myself a break, I have been working hard and needed to relax, and while that may be true, I will still regret missing a day. Besides, it certainly wasn’t getting done by that time in the morning! We didn’t go to bed until 4am and then I was back up at 7:30. :/

If I post a few highlight pics of the fabulous 50’s party maybe that will cheer us all up.

Pre-party pics


Luckily, Kathy had all the needed decorations
Wiping the tears away. She was completely surprised!!

After the birthday girls arrived and we got dinner out of the way, the party moved to the patio, here we enjoyed Karaoke and dancing. This is Michelle’s element and she had a very fun time. I wish I could show you the videos, I tried to add them here but don’t know why it wouldn’t let me.

Daddy and daughter dance

Michelle still has a good relationship with her girl’s dad and here is Brandi dancing with her dad, Robert.

Mommy and daughter dance

I took a screen shot of a video to show the cool colors the karaoke machine put out.

Later, I finally got the girls to break away and open their cards and gifts. Before that though, I checked on my Dad and brother who were enjoying playing pool in the mostly completed game room (man cave).

Nancy and my son Chris playing my Dad and brother Kevin

Connie got the shop light and backyard umbrella she was wanting, along with some cute cards.

Michelle enjoyed the BFF heart charm we got her and shows the card her daughter got her displaying the fact she will be getting concert tickets to BFD (Big Freakin Deal), featuring bands like Skillet and Pretty Reckless among others. She picked me as her concert buddy! I can’t wait!!

Connie and Michelle

I don’t know about the birthday girls, but this girl is wiped out! All the nerves and excitement combined with lack of sleep has me close to ready for bed. I’m so happy everything went well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Of course, the mark of a good party is when someone calls the cops for a noise violation 😡but we just toned it down and moved it inside for awhile. No harm, no foul. Our neighbors just aren’t used to 50 year olds and their kids singing hard rock music through a karaoke machine. 😂 If you look at my timeline on Facebook, you may be able to see some of the videos.

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Mother’s Day, my boys wanted to go play golf and I agreed they deserved it after all they did to finish remodeling in time for the party. That was present enough, but they got me cards and a hibiscus as well! After they left, I decided to finally indulge myself and had a free ticket to the movies, I went and saw The Circle with Tom Hanks-it was pretty good. I mainly wanted the popcorn! 😊 Of course, a small popcorn and a medium drink was $13!! The price you pay for escapism! (And movie popcorn)!

Have a wonderful night, see you tomorrow on the patio! 




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  1. Looks fabulous indeed! I had a feeling that come hell or high water that man cave with the get mostly done as a gift to you especially. Hope you have a great night (you are probably already asleep)! Rolling on, Stephanie

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