Day 285-Motivational Monday-Will You Pray With Me Today?

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Morning everyone, although I’m not the most religious person and sometimes find the prayer I need on a Pinterest board instead of my bible, I have a request of you today.

Please say this prayer I found with me to help ease not only my heavy heart and troubled mind but maybe someone in your life who needs it this morning.

Pray With Me

Someone in my life is struggling with his own and has me very concerned, I need this prayer to get me through the day, to let go and let God guide him to the right decision, to trust God to help him since I can’t, and to free my mind so I can concentrate on my tasks for the day.

I know I’m supposed to be motivating you and giving you inspiration on Monday mornings, and maybe this prayer will work as that in your life. I know I needed it this morning and I’m glad I found it.

Before I even published this post, I sent the prayer to my son and his wife and she sent a text back to me saying friends and family had helped her with clothes for her new job. What a blessing! Even though that is a drop in the bucket to the real issue going on, I am uplifted that a prayer was answered so quickly.

Pray that God will give him the strength to finish what he started, and will stay on the path that God chooses for him. I cannot control whatย goes on in his life, nor tell him what to do, I can only pray for him and hope he makes the right decisions. His family needs him right now, he cannot choose this moment to fall apart, he needs to step up and be the man they need him to be and that I know he can be.

He is homesick and that I understand, but he has a wife and baby to provide for, he doesn’t have the luxury of feeling sorry for himself…his wife starts a new job today and he just started a new one last week. Please pray with me that he doesn’t do anything rashย and that he can get help with his addiction and fight the devil that is trying to destroy his relationship and control his life.

I shouldn’t be asking, but I appreciate you reading and giving me support in the form of prayer. The more people they have praying for them the better the outcome will be. Thank you ahead of time and everyone have a marvelous Monday-I’m off to work! Today, I will be taking Miss Stephanie to visit her friend who has CP and is recovering from jaw surgery. Pray she gets better soon too and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow, on the patio.ย 

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  1. Prayer is a powerful thing, knows to all the civilizations of the world from so long ago.
    Prayers and positive thoughts to them for guidance.

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