Day 286-MET-I Used To Do My Own Nails

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I could do this but it looks so much prettier when they do it!

I’ve been doing my own fingernails since I was twelve years old (maybe younger) but lately I’ve decided that the salons do a much better job. I spent tons of money on polish, gemstones, decorator kits, stickers and whatnot, all to try and copy what they can do. Most of the time I got lots of compliments and people would remark that I did a great job, saying they could never hand paint tiny designs like that. As I’ve grown older, I don’t want to mess with it as much, plus, I would rather have gel nails most of the time and the salons just do it better and faster than I can. Oh, I have the equipment and all, my results just don’t look as professional.

Lately, I’ve been sorta sad about my increase of gray hair and I’ve been curious about whether I should keep coloring, just let it go or do it at home myself. It’s kind of like the nail thing, I know the salon does a better job, but it’s so expensive! Now, I know a lot of you ladies would say, just fugetaboutit…everyone goes gray sooner than later. It’s like fighting wrinkles, a never ending battle, but I’m just not ready! Remember, I’m a fifty-six- year old rocker that still likes going to concerts and parties, I don’t want my grandkids to call me grandma, and I like my nails to have color on them at all times! Gray hair is just not part of the deal in my book…not yet anyway.

My salon professional said I barely had any gray that she could see, but I say she was just being nice. I have a tiny fountain of it coming out of the top of my head and my sideburns look like salt and pepper. Not as distinguished on a woman as a man, let me tell you. I was at the local Walgreen’s the other day, and I spotted this cool kit that lets you not only dye but adds highlights as well. It was under $20 and I just thought, “I have to get that!” but I still haven’t done it yet. I used to dye my own hair a long time ago, when I was young and brave, I wonder can I do it again without turning my ears red or brown, or blinding myself in the process.

I don’t know about you guys, but I refuse to go down without a fight. I want to appear young for as long as I can pull it off, I just want to do it at a discounted price. 😉


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  1. I used to have a nail salon, Kim, so I still do my own nails. I dye my hair myself, too and myself and my youngest daughter trim each other’s hair. Often cut my husband’s hair, too. We’re saving a fortune, lol. I’m with you on not going grey too soon. I’m 59 and still don’t want to. Two of my friends have stopped dying their hair but they wear it short, so it looks okay. But mine is long and I think it will age me too much to go grey. I’ll wait till I’m 80 – or maybe not. My mother is 82 and still dies her hair. 🙂

  2. I could never have long nails especially when I worked under a “European” Chef, so when I quit cooking I let my nails grow long…I’ve never been a nail polish kind of gal….but I keep them formed,clean and long…until they break!
    I’ve got white streaks in my hair especially around the frame of my face…I think they are neat! I don’t mind getting old, it’s a badge I’m proud to wear! 🙂

    1. Good for you, I guess I’m still a little vain and not quite ready for all of that! I’ve even considered wigs since I’m not really a hat kinda girl.

      1. I didn’t want to like what you just said! lol…a Wig??? Noooooo! Don’t be silly! 😉
        I hate any hat’s, they make my head itchy! 🙂

  3. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t mind aging when it comes to gray hair. I don’t have much at all. A few strands. When my mother was my age, she has a head full of gray hair. I also don’t much care for getting my nails done at all. I keep them cut low and polish free. I’m pretty weird, like that. 😊

    Happy fountain of youth hunting, Kim!

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