Day 289-Flash Fiction Friday-Spa Day Surprise

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Sheila looked out the window of the speeding car as they flew down the highway, their destination unknown to her. She looked over to her husband and said, “Please, please tell me where we’re going. The anticipation is killing me!” “I’m gonna kill you myself if you ask one more time” Jeff joked. “You’ll see when we get there!” What she didn’t know, was that Jeff had planned the ultimate spa getaway for the two of them and he was anticipating it as much as she was.

It was the week of their 25th anniversary and this was the first time Jeff had ever planned anything quite like this. In the past, they had always sort of lumped it in to whatever they were doing for vacation that year, however this year he wanted it to be special since they were celebrating their silver anniversary. He had actually made a playlist, which they were currently listening to through the car stereo’s blue tooth. “Honey, what does this song make you think of?” he asked Sheila. Thinking about it for a minute or two Sheila looked across the front seat and replied, “That time in Cabo, chilling in the pool at the resort.” The song he was playing was “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Croft-one of their mutual favorites.

Jeff had seen this deal on one of those shopping apps and knew they needed this in their life. The spa featured saunas, play pools, nine different therapy rooms to address whatever ailment or issue you might have. There was an ice room for increased blood flow and something called a Fire Sudatorium where patrons could experience dry heat and oak-tree aromatherapy. What a way to relax! Plus, with his upgrade, once they were nice and relaxed, there were rooms that could be booked ahead of time where they could slip between cool sheets and drift off into a peaceful sleep. Sounded like total paradise to him. Of course, whether they slept much would remain to be seen.

A scant ten minutes after Sheila asked the last question, they were pulling into what looked like to her like an ordinary salon type building. She looked over at Jeff with a question in her eyes and he looked back and said, “Relax baby, you’re gonna love this.” Grabbing their bag he helped her from the car and escorted her through the front doors, giving her bottom a little squeeze on the way in. Playfully slapping him back she said “Jeffery! Not in public!” Walking up to the desk he told the receptionist he had reserved the “escape” package and giving him a wink she said, “Ooh, you’re in for a treat!” Taking in the surroundings, Sheila started adding two and two and realized what this place was. This is no salon, this is a spa, she thought to herself, but had no idea what was in store.

Leading them through poshly decorated corridors and out through the area where the pools were, the receptionist said, all the celebrities relax with us. Jeff looked at Sheila and gave her a wink, “I bet that’s right” he said. He knew what this little trip had cost him, but expected it would be worth every penny. They were about to enjoy a couple’s massage followed by champagne in the hot tub and some other “sensory delight” he was not sure about, yet not too concerned about either. Showing them to their own private cabana, the receptionist gave them each a robe and showed them which room to enter when they got changed. Sheila could not believe how nice this place was and kissed her husband before disappearing into her cabana, “Thank you honey, this is gonna be great!” Pulling her close and kissing her back he said, “You better believe it is, Happy Anniversary babe!”


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