Day 290-Free Days-Errands Ran on a Rusty Knee

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Happy Saturday everyone, before I get to the meat of today’s post, let me show you a picture I took on Friday of sweet Stephanie after I fixed her hair for her. I must brag, I think it’s one of my best hairdos ever, and look at the sweet smile on her face. I had the perfect model after all!!


So, after I left her house yesterday, I went to the doctor since my knee has been bothering me for a couple of weeks. I figured I better give in and go have it looked at since I couldn’t get the swelling to stop and the pain has been about a five on the 1-10 scale. After x-rays, they determined that I had lots of arthritis damage and could use a round of steroids, some pain medication and a consult with an ortho doctor, who I’ll see in a couple of weeks. Β She also told me to ice and elevate whenever I’m sitting down, which I had been doing anyway. My friends on Facebook said it sux to get old and I told them-not old, just rusty!

I didn’t want that to sideline running errands with my hubby, our usual Saturday thing. So first we went to a delicious breakfast at El Tejas and I cheated big time and decided not to worry about it. I had 2 eggs overeasy, 2 slices of bacon, and a piece of French toast! Egads! So not Paleo, but my rule is that I follow the diet 80/20, so I made up for it with a salad at lunch. πŸ™‚

Next we went by my Dad’s house to measure for new windows, a job we’ve been promising to do for awhile but have not had the time.

Dave and my Dad checking his windows

After we got done there, we went to Home Depot to order the windows and then popped over to Dave’s brother’s house to take Connie the birthday present she accidentally left at our house last weekend. She was busy as usual, putting together a different birthday present-a wagon for her plants.

Connie assembling her wagon

She has done an amazing job in her backyard, as evident by her beautiful back corner.

The fruits of Connie’s labor

After that quick lunch at Wendy’s where I enjoyed the new fresh mozzarella chicken salad, Dave went to play golf and I went and had an amazing hour and a half at the nail salon. To say it was relaxing was an understatement, I almost fell asleep in the chair, although they were extremely busy.

A very busy ABC Nail salon today!

When you order a regular manicure and a callous pedicure, you not only get the nails done but a lovely paraffin wax massage to the legs and a thorough massage to the arms. Not to mention, the chairs have a back massager on the whole time, and I was further relaxed by the CBD oil I was vaping prior to arriving at the shop. As I’ve mentioned before, CBD oil from hemp cannot make you high, (it has no THC in it) but just relaxes your system and helps make you less anxious.

My finished nails plus the added design on the toe

Now, I’m writing this blog and relaxing with my knee up and ice on it. If I hurry, I may be able to squeeze in an episode of The Walking Dead before Dave gets back from the golf course. It’s been such a relaxing afternoon, I don’t even miss the fact that I can’t have any alcohol for the next week or so-not until I finish my steroids. I use pain medication very sparingly anyway, and what they gave me was very light-I barely noticed I had taken anything at all. πŸ˜‰



14 Replies to “Day 290-Free Days-Errands Ran on a Rusty Knee”

  1. Yes, ain’t it the truth? What all have you tried? I’m hoping to hear the news today that I’m approved for those shots that lubricate the joint. Not looking forward to how they will feel, but if I get relief and can work in the yard again, it will be worth it! I hope you find some relief as well. (Hugs)

  2. Busy, busy girl ! This is a bad year for Knee’s, my knee has been swollen and hurts like crazy, cracking when ever I bend it! I have to get it checked, I hurt it back in 1987 slipping down my driveway, my leg/knee got twisted behind me! I went to the doctor about it but he said I just bruised it…I don’t think so… πŸ™‚

  3. You did do a lot yesterday. Do not be afraid to take the steroids as needed, you do not need to live in any kind of pain! Your manicure and pedicure job looks great! Let’s talk about this waxing of the legs, ouch! I did not know that you did that! Ouch again! I can grin and bear my eyebrows being done I do not think I could handle my legs! I love it when they massage my arms and hands! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. Oh no they didn’t wax my legs they just massage my legs with paraffin wax! It’s warm and it’s inside of a bag and then they wrap your legs with it and leave it on and it makes some really soft! Then they go a step further and massage with oil’s as well! It was very relaxing. I hope all is well with you I’ll see you tomorrow!

  4. You had quite a day! Nice. I cringed when you mentioned arthritis. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I’ve had both knees replaced and am very happy with them. I became a human being again and am now pain free, in the knees, at least.

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