Day 292-Motivational Monday-Where is My Knee Brace?

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Here is my motivation for the day: If I don’t find my knee brace, I’ll have to go buy another. Anyone who knows me knows this will be my last resort, lol. I have already torn up half the house looking in unpacked tubs, through all of my drawers and boxes in closets, to no avail.

When I was in the military, or maybe even before, I was given a special knee brace that slid over the leg and tightened around the kneecap. It had a pad that ensured the kneecap stayed in place (since my knees had a nasty habit of twisting and/or dislocating.) I’m pretty sure I had one for each knee and now I can find neither. I have never seen another brace like the ones I had.

This brace is very similar to what I had
This one gives a better idea of mine

Mine was flesh colored though and I’m sure I’ve seen it since we moved in….but where? Ugh! Ok, call me a penny pincher or just sentimental, but I’m off to search some more! I’ll let you know how it turns out-I can take my steroid medication they gave me and work, but I don’t think I should take my pain pill, so I’d like the secure feeling the brace gives me, plus, maybe with it on it won’t swell and hurt as much.

Wish me luck, have a good Monday yourselves, and I’ll see you tomorrow, on the patio! 🤕


5 Replies to “Day 292-Motivational Monday-Where is My Knee Brace?”

    1. Haha, we are a kindred spirit? That’s funny, well, I got a new one and it only set me back around $17 or so. That’s worth it for some peace of mind and a little support and comfort. 😊

  1. Best of luck in the search. Of course we all know how these things work. You give up, go buy a new one, and the original shows up jealous!

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