Did You Know-There's Still Time!

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Afternoon everyone! I just wanted to take time to send you a reminder before time is up on that great deal I told you about on Wednesday, the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle.  You still have 4 hours to get the special price of $29.97 on almost $800 worth of materials!

What if someone had hooked my brother up with this deal last year? Maybe he would not have tried swallowing whole garlic cloves trying to fix his sore throat!

Has anyone ever given you some remedy for an ailment that you wish you’d never tried? Well, with this bundle all of that can be avoided since it’s put together by some of the most qualified teachers, and knowledgeable practitioners of herbal remedies and essential oils ever gathered in one spot.

This deal is put together by Ultimate Bundles who grouped all kinds of products for: Everyday, health and wellness, illness and injury, safety and your family. It’s chock full of tips, recipes, tutorials and more! Remember all you get:

  • 16 ebooks & printables to help rebuild your medicine cabinet and use Herbs and oils confidently and safely.
  • 10 eCourses to teach you everything you need from preserving and harvesting Herbs to creating beauty and skincare products without harmful ingredients.
  • 3 bonuses-like my favorite, a Leather Wrap Diffuser bracelet from the Oil Collection ($22 value for just $3.95 shipping cost)

For somewhere between $10-15 in shipping, you get the above mentioned bonus plus two more and if you were to pick all three, you’re basically making up the cost of the bundle and getting the “e” resources for free. Just click on the link to find out every one you get.

Want more? Here’s some of the best of the bunch included in this bundle:

  • Edible and Medicinal Flowers: 8 Healing Flowers that Boost Energy, Heal Skin, Activate Digestion and Turn any Meal into a Celebration by Kami McBride ($47.00)
  • Herbal Materia Medica Course by Marlene Adelmann ($79.00)
  • Cancer, Nutrition & Natural Healing eCourse by Sayer Ji ($39.00)

All included in the same $29.97 bundle!! What a bargain!!

I do hope you take advantage of these special prices while they last- you have until midnight tonight to get the deal. Just click the link found here: Learn More


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  1. I noticed since your last post of the “Oil Sale” my Facebook page shows the ad and it shows up on my side bar also….just thought I’d let you know! 🙂

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