Day 293-MET-That Time I Got Poop On My Face

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It was one of those vacations we as a family wait for all year long. Our annual pilgrimage to Port Aransas, when the kids were still young enough to be enchanted by Mother Nature and Dave and I wanted to show them how great being at the ocean was. We were broke that year, but determined to take a break from work and show the kids a good time. We ended up getting a no frills, lower end condo that year (still a condo though, no hotel for us!) and it was tight, but cozy.

Dave and I were still young enough to want a little romance and would steal a few moments when the kids were otherwise occupied. It was following one of these trysts, we were hanging out in the parking lot, trying to decide what to do for lunch and the kids had been snacking on some cheese-its. The next thing I knew, there were seagulls encircling our heads, it was all fun and games watching Josh throw crackers to the hovering birds, Chris cracking up as they snatched them right out of the sky. This was new to them and they were having a blast…right up until the moment one of those damn gulls pooped and it landed right on my cheek!

A flock of seagulls

At first no one could speak. The boys, Dave included, all just stared at me, open mouthed as shocked as I was. Then, as I realized what I had running down my face, I started to cry just as they started to laugh at me. Let me tell you, I did not find the humor. As soon as they saw me crying, they quickly shut up and came over to console me. I couldn’t figure out how it happened, I was sitting on a parking curb underneath the eves of the condo! How did that bird’s poop make a diagonal trajectory to land right on my face? Anyway, it rather spoiled the mood and once we all recovered I think we decided to stay inside the condo for lunch that day.

Now when we go to the beach, I am leary of anyone feeding the gulls and I stay as far away as possible. Yes, I got over it, but that doesn’t mean I ever want it to happen again. Imagine if you will, a stinky, slimy substance is running down the side of your face as your whole family sits and stares at you!! Rather embarrassing indeed, and although my hubby was kind enough to clean it off my face, I was so hurt by them laughing at me. I have to admit though, if the tables were turned, I’d probably have done the same. Damn seagulls! Can you imagine what it was like on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? Getting pooped on must have been a regular occurrence. I’ll have to research that someday. 😉

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7 Replies to “Day 293-MET-That Time I Got Poop On My Face”

  1. Ewwwww. How horrible. I’ve been pooped on by those darn gulls as well. Just a shoulder. Be glad it didn’t land a few inches over and down a bit. That’s one reason I don’t feed them. 💩

  2. ROLF !!! I would of been crying…..with laughter! if they would of kept laughing, you would of been laughing right along! Sorry, it’s stuff like that I was always taught to laugh at, but I guess the tears from crying would of helped wash it off! lol…
    Getting pooped on by a bird is suppose to be good luck! You seem pretty lucky! 🙂 ((hugs))

  3. Good evening Kim. We all get pooped on the face sometime or another during our lives. The important thing is to wipe it off quickly and face the aggressor. Ladies are way too sensitive and polite, usually demurring with introspective questions: “was it my fault?” No way! This is a good tale to strenghten your character. By the way, did you hear anything from our common friend Roxy?

  4. Oh! I can sympathize. We were living in England and often went to faraway churches on Sunday. It was my turn for $ duty — the one designated to sit near a door to remove the baby if he got noisy. I pushed him in his stroller and became aware there were tons of birds in the trees I was about to walk under. Why didn’t I notice that all the people were walking on the other side of the street? There was a plop on my head, and I couldn’t think quickly enough to keep my hand from going to it. Ugh! There I was, anointed with bird poop and pushing a stroller with a defiled hand. I rushed to the car, tearing through everything in the diaper bag to get the wipes. I’m surprised I didn’t rub a bald spot at ground zero. By the time John and the girls came out of the service, I was beginning to see the humor in it. Still, I made John drive as fast as the law allowed to get me to my shower.

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