Day 297-Free Days-Watering Schedule

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So we are at the unofficial start of summer and today’s “feel-like” temperature was 100+ and luckily, Saturday is our day to water. I could literally see the plants with their tongues hanging out, even though I water with a can in between our allowed days for watering.

Grass getting a much needed sip

We are in an area that only allows watering with sprinklers two days a week to conserve water. It’s supposed to keep demand for water at an even keel, but not many people adhere to the rules. Anyway, after running errands but not getting much accomplished today, I was determined to at least repot a couple of plants and get them watered. Then I noticed the plants in the front yard looking pretty parched, and I just put them in the ground a week ago-I don’t want to lose them. So, I had Dave run the sprinklers since it was “our” day, and besides, no one trusts the weatherman in Texas at this time of the year! 😉