Day 298-Happy Memorial Day

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Arlington Memorial Cemetary

Today we remember all of those who served and gave their lives for our country. Although I too served, it feels fraudulent to include myself in this group because I served during peace time. Four and a half years, is nothing compared to the sacrifices that have been made by not only members of my family but of so many others. Take time out from your barbecues and other festivities today to think about them and say a prayer for the fallen.

I apologize for missing posting yesterday. I had an all day concert and by the time I got home it was way too late, not to mention, I was in no shape to write.😉

The concert was BFD 2017 and featured such bands as Skillet, Pretty Recklace, 3 Days Grace, Papa Roach, Stone Sour and more. We were lucky to have seats as things got pretty wild out on the lawn.  Will try to post some videos, it was a great show, especially when Pretty Recklace did a tribute to Chris Cornell. All of the bands gave shout outs to the veterans watching too.

Getting ready for Skillet
Pretty Recklace

Well, shoot. It won’t let me post my videos. I’m not sure how to remedy that problem, but if you really want to see, they are on my personal Facebook page under Kimberly S. Smyth.


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  1. Why thank you. Some days I think a wig would be easier, I swear! I hate having to deal with my hair, I’m never happy with it. A good hair day is a rare day for me. 😉

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