Day 302-Flash Fiction Friday-The Entrepreneurs

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The Entepreneurs

Carefully, she placed a tiny, Indian seed bead on the length of wire, followed by a spacer and continued adding various brightly colored beads until she got to the end where the connector would go. Then she secured the ends with a crimp bead and lobster clasp. This one was going to be for her best friend, a part of her birthday gift. That’s what gave her the most pleasure, creating beautiful jewelry for her friends and family, not so much for profit…that would make it more like a job in her opinion.

Beverly started making jewelry as a side project and then quickly fell in love with it, becoming obsessed with different shapes and colors of beads until she had a collection fit for a queen. Once she made sure her chores were done for the day, she would wile away the hours, sorting beads and picking out the most challenging patterns until she had just the perfect piece designed for whomever was going to recieve it. Of course, sometimes she made things with no particular person in mind, which is how she ended up with boxes of earrings, bracelets and anklets gathering dust on her shelves. She figured she’d find a use for them someday.

Her husband had no problem encouraging her little hobby, never pressured her to sell her crafts or do something else with her time, all he ever wanted was for her to be happy. As far as Sam was concerned, it was his job as the man to make the money and support the family and her job to keep the house, kids and him clean, fed and satisfied. Whatever else she wanted to do once that was accomplished was up to her. He thought she was doing a fine job managing everything so far, why should she change what was working so well? Beverly had no intention of changing until the day she woke up and thought, ‘is this all there is?’

She really didn’t know where the thought had come from, one day she just woke up and realized that the kids were grown, she was retired and she had nothing to show for all the hard work she had done in her life. The twenty five years she had spent in the field of nuclear medicine were just gone, and what was she doing now that made a difference in their lives? Playing around with beads and wire was not contributing to the household, how was she helping her husband get them ready for retirement some day? She certainly did not want him to work forever, they had big plans for living the dream somewhere down the road. They were supposed to spend their golden years playing on a beach somewhere, not working until they died.

That was when she became a hustler of sorts. She tried everything from selling her finished pieces on the internet to peddling her wares in local craft shows. When that didn’t pan out, she opened her mind to the possibility of a part-time job. She began to find things around the house she didn’t want anymore would sell very nicely on some of those online shopping markets, and pretty soon, she was making a handsome monthly income. Once she got the hang of that, she would seek out things to buy and resell on those same internet sites and soon she had a good business going. It was hard work, but she persisted and before long she was making as much as her husband. She eventually found a marketplace for her jewelry and within three months, she had most of her stock sold.

After six months of steady success, Beverly somehow talked him into leaving his comfortable position at the bank to help her in her new business and together they ran it like a well-oiled machine. They loved shopping for items to resell together, going to flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales-sometimes even refurbishing pieces until they looked fabulous enough to bring a pretty penny. In six more months, they had made enough to buy a recreational vehicle and started traveling the United States,  buying and selling goods as they made their way to places they had always wanted to go together. Now, they were enjoying their time together and meeting new friends in RV parks all over the nation.

Beverly sat in her spot at the little dining table, watching the trees go by in a blur as they made their way to the next destination. Finally, they were on their way to the Florida coast, the place they dreamed of retiring together. She was so happy and Sam seemed perfectly content with their new life on the road. Would they stay somewhere once they made it to the beach, or would they keep moving and working together until they grew tired of it, she wasn’t sure but it did not matter in the least. Whatever they decided, they were doing it together and that was the best place for them to be. Maybe their next adventure would involve boats and fishing, or it could be they might run a Subway restaraunt or a condominium, who knew? She would just have to cross that bridge when she got there and with the love of her Sam, she knew anything was possible.


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