Day 303-Free Days-Don't Let Rainy Days Get You Down

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Evening everyone! The rain has stopped for the time being and we are enjoying some time on the patio with a beverage and some music. Earlier it was a different story as the rain soaked the streets and made for difficult travel and bad situations since yesterday. My son has been working almost non-stop for 48 hours! Should make a great check though!

Instead of letting the gloomy weather get us down, we went antiquing and tried to find a hutch/buffet type thingy for our kitchen. We want something that will serve as a coffee bar/pots and pans storage, so we can free up space in the new cabinet/pantry for food to go.

First, we tried the brand new vintage market right down the street called The Painted Tree.

Looking down the aisle at The Painted Tree

They had every kind of decorative items you could ever want, home made fresh smelling soaps, and more cute clothes than you could shake a stick at! Some stuff was vintage and some stuff was new but all of it was adorable. I found a booth worth returning to that specialized in Yellow Box sandals, bling filled caps and original clothing that while spendy, was so cute you couldn’t help desire them.

We came home for awhile and decided we could not sit, so we headed out again, this time for downtown Ft Worth and Montgomery Street Antique Mall. This place is so huge it would take a week to really go through (if you are like me and want to see EVERYTHING) 😂

We never found what we were looking for, but we had fun trying. Then we topped it of with a delicious dinner at my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Los Vicaros. Since then we have been enjoying some quiet, still, dry conditions and I’m trying a 0 calorie cream soda spiked with a 6x distilled vodka I’ve never tried before. It’s quite tasty! I also have to share a picture of my bogainvilla that was naked of blooms when I bought it and is now quite lovely!

My pretty!

Just now I learned we are about to be blessed by a visit from one of my son’s friends and his wife and child! I will take pics to share with you all tomorrow, see you then!

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  1. You and David would get along! He rarely buys anything, we enjoy just looking as well. I WANT a lot, but can’t afford much, so I just enjoy looking at everything.

  2. I love walking and looking. Michelle can’t believe I can walk an entire market and not buy anything. On the bright side, when her and mother goes, they are only a third in when they are out of money, but have a full trunk of things that will never be used.

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