Day 304-Free Days-Why

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Why did we choose to have company last night?  I don’t know, but it turned out to be nice, so I’m glad we said yes. My son’s friend Clint, his wife Desire and their son Dalton are a delightful family who like to be in our company whether my son is here or not. Here are a few pics from last night.

Clint, my son Christopher’s long time friend
Little Dalton with mommy Desire in the back
Look at that face!

Dalton is two years old and already knows how to operate a cell phone, iPad, pick a movie on Netflix and take a picture! He even has his own folder for storing them. Kids of the future! Amazing.

Why did we choose to go to church today after a month long hiatus? I don’t know, but we were there on a great day, to hear a special message and receive communion from the outgoing pastor for the last time. What are the odds of that? I’m so glad we went, and I’ve been rather emotional ever since.

Why did I pick up the phone today when my other son Josh called? It was not good news, but might be just what I needed to hear to know how to proceed from here. It will call for tough love, but it might be the thing that makes the difference in his life. It will call for much thought and lots of prayers.

Sometimes we don’t know why we make the choices we do, the outcome is never guaranteed, but we take the chance anyway. I hope you all take a chance every once in a while, you never know what it might lead to.

6 Replies to “Day 304-Free Days-Why”

  1. Thanks, and good!
    I haven’t heard from him yet, my husband did yesterday, I think he is ok physically, mentally he is in a bad place. Prayers are welcome and appreciated. 🙂

  2. I hope everything is ok with your son?? We had company yesterday also, 3 people and 3 itchy dogs, I just hope the people didn’t have flea’s! :0

    1. I’m not sure if he is ok, I’ll find out later this afternoon. Thanks for your concern. I hope your friends dogs didn’t bring you fleas also! 😬

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