Day 310-Free Days-Yea, They Are Finally In!

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Today is finally the day to install my Dad’s new windows. My husband bought them and with his brother and our son Chris, the job took about 4 hours! I am so grateful to Bubba and Chris for their knowledge and assistance.

The old windows removed
My guys hard at work
A view from the inside
The job finished and looking good!

Then it was time for rest and relaxation!

Uncle Bubba, chilling by the pool after a hard day’s work
My handsome boy Chris, the pool reflected in his glasses-he worked his buns off

My Dad was so happy with the job, and while the guys worked on the windows, I cleaned and organized his closet, he was happy with that as well. When it was all done, we told him Happy Father’s Day and loaded up to come back to my house. He would have come with us, but he wanted to get his yard mowed. We will see him mañana at my husband’s nephews 21st birthday party.

Now we are anxiously awaiting my middle son’s arrival. He is coming by bus from Ohio, we sent an Uber to DALLAS to get him because…have you ever been to the bus station in DALLAS at 930 on a Saturday night???? I’ll let you know how it all turns out. 😉


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