Day 311-Free Days-Isn't That A Pity

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Yesterday I was bragging that because I’m a blogger, I’m always taking pictures to feature on the blog. So how is it then that after 3 years of not seeing my son, he finally comes home and I didn’t get one picture to share with you all today? Could it be that I got caught up in the moment of actually visiting with him to worry about stopping to snap a pic? Maybe, plus, I had been so nervous that something would go wrong with Uber, that when he got here I was just ecstatic! It’s a pity I didn’t, but the good news is, there will be many more opportunities. He is home for good and hopefully his girlfriend (wife) and daughter will be joining him in a month.

Today we all went to celebrate Stephen’s 21st birthday at his Mom’s house and I definitely got a picture of him! Now if I only remembered how to spell his girlfriend’s name. You say it like Mic kay la. We felt awkward at first since we hadn’t seen them in so long, but once food was served, it seemed to break the ice and soon everyone was mingling and we all had a nice visit. Stephen isn’t your typical 21 year old. He is very laid back, studious, and cares nothing about throwing back drinks like other “kids” his age.

The birthday boy, opening his cards
Such a handsome young man

It has been a full and productive weekend and now we are going to relax with our Netflix series, Queen of the South…if we ever get it to start working tonite!!

Have a lovely evening and we will see you tomorrow, on the patio.

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  1. Yes, we did yesterday, now he is gone to stay with friends for a while. They do a lot of cooking on the grill over there!

    1. Thanks Ron, we are too, although his being here changes the family dynamic somewhat, I’m trying to stay positive and hope he has grown up a little. He is not staying with us, he was just here to visit before moving in with a friend…I’m praying that works out and he gets a job quickly so he is ready for his family when they arrive. They should be along in about a month. 🙂

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