Day 313-MET-How I Reward Myself For a Job Well Done

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When I have a long day of writing tasks in front of me, or a heavy load of housework to be done or both, I have found that what motivates me is looking forward to an episode or two of my latest obsession…whatever series I’m addicted to at the moment on Netflix.

I have done this a few ways, either I wait until evening time and watch with my hubby, or I take a break during the time I have at home alone. Say I’m washing clothes and cleaning house before I start writing for the day. I might sit down while folding clothes and watch an episode. Then I move on to the next task, looking forward to the next break so I can catch another episode.

I’m pretty sure there are enough series to keep me watching something for an eternity, but here are my latest obsessions: The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black and Queen of the South. With several seasons under my belt of each of these series, I’m fully vested in finding out what comes next and how they all end. My sons were the reason I got started with series like these in the first place, shows like Sons of Anarchy, which started on a regular network, can now be found on Netflix, along with another great series, Breaking Bad. I never finished that one, some day I need to go back and start it from the beginning and get through it to the end.

A scene from my current favorite Netflix series-The Walking Dead

I’m making my way through season 4 of The Walking Dead right now and season 5 just came out of Orange is the New Black…I can’t wait to see that! My hubby isn’t into either one of those, so we had to pick a series we could enjoy together (now that all of our regular network shows are reruns for the summer) and that is Queen of the South. It is about two Mexican¬†drug cartels who are warring with each other and the girl who gets unwittingly shoved into a position where she finds herself in the middle, just trying to survive. It is awesome and like the other series I’m watching, new stars are popping up every season.

I resisted watching The Walking Dead, in the beginning, so now I’m having to play catch up. It’s fun though, and totally¬†worth it, this show is the bomb I’m telling you! so much action, intense characterization, great story line-I didn’t want to watch it because I’m not into zombies. Well, it turns out that zombies are really secondary to the show anyway, yeah, there are some gross parts as they get their heads chopped off or a knife driven through their brains, but I just look away when that gets too bloody for me. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ve loved horror shows since I was a little kid. I’m not bothered by much, yet it does get pretty intense from time to time. There is drama, romance, and comedy tied up in there too. Something for everyone really.

So I suggest you get yourself a Netflix account, find a series you can love and follow and use that as your motivation to get things done. Then you can reward yourself with a nice, exciting episode and revel in your guilty pleasure, if only for a little while. Everyone needs a break sometimes, right? Oh and that thing that all the kids say? Let’s watch some Netflix and chill? Well, that’s dead right? Doesn’t apply to me anyway, most of the time I’m enjoying my Netflix alone with a snack and my puppies curled up next to me in my comfy chair. That’s just how I roll.

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  1. Hi Kim. Your days sound a lot like mine. Housework, running around after two children, looking after five dogs and two cats, cooking and at the same time trying to attend to my blog and get some reading and writing done. I do watch netflix series’. I got bored with series four of Walking Dead though. I am currently watching the Fargo series that is about crime in Minnesota. I don’t get to watch it every day though, probably once or twice a week only. I prefer to read rather than watch TV.

  2. Ditch the cable, get antenna tv and subscribe to Netflix! That’s my suggestion, although we have yet to completely commit ourselves either.

  3. My latest fix is “The Emerald City” I’ve only watched 2 so far, it’s not bad! Breaking Bad is Awesome! Hubby and I have totally opposite tastes in TV shows (well almost) so when he goes to work at night I get to watch what I like, and if he’s home, I record my shows and watch them later! No Netflix’s here…pay too much for cable already!

  4. I reward myself by playing three rounds of a word game on my phone as I’m going to bed. I don’t seem to have time for anything more. I don’t have this retirement thing down pat yet.

  5. i looked into netflix and didn’t understand a single thing about it. I think one has to have a younger brain than mine to figure out just how all these flix things work. now the puppies in the chair? that I understand…have a couple of those of my very own!

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