Day 316-Free Days-Do You Like Ceviche?

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Sometimes in the summer, we like an appetizer we first tasted in southeast Tx called ceviche, a mix of citrus juice, raw seafood (like tuna steak or shrimp), tomatoes, onions and avocados with jalapeño peppers added for some heat. The interesting thing is, the lime juice (our preferred juice) cooks the raw seafood in the time it takes to mix the ceviche and get it to the table. It is so fresh and delicious, surprising me in the fact that I never thought I would so enjoy something made with “raw” tuna.

We were at a little seafood place called Steve’s Landing in Crystal Beach when we first tried it, instantly smitten we decided we must learn how to make it at home. It perfectly suited my way of eating (except for the chips) and became my favorite “take to the beach” snack. While everyone else was chowing down on potato chips and dips, I was happily munching on my ceviche and Tostitos. Yes, the chips are a cheat, I was on vacation, don’t judge. Lol.

Dave must have developed a hankering for some while at the grocery store earlier, because next thing I knew, we had fresh tuna steak and he could now mix it with the fresh veggies he bought at the farmer’s market this morning. This was the delicious result.

David’s Yummy Ceviche

Have you ever tried this dish? It’s origin is Spanish and there are many variations of it all over the world. The trick is that you must prepare it from the freshest ingredients to prevent food poisoning. Since you are not cooking with heat, you are not necessarily killing worms or bacteria, not that we are ever in danger of either of those things. We make it the day we purchase the ingredients and keep it refrigerated until time of consumption. At the restaurant, cilantro was added but we are not huge fans (unless it’s in our hot sauce), so we don’t use it in ours.

Well, that was it for our appetizer, now we are looking forward to a yummy dinner of ribeyes, sweet potato and salad. I’m a lucky girl to have such an accomplished chef in my house! He really should open a restaurant some day. 😊

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  1. My dear Kim: good morning and Happy Sunday. Please allow me a small correction. Its origin is not Spanish but Inca ( the great Indian nation from Peru) and in Quechua, their language, the word “siwichi” means ” fresh or conserved fish”. That’s how those savvy Inca ladies preserved the freshness of the catch from the coast all the way up to their capital in Machu Pichu. A kiss. Arrivederci!

  2. You should make it sometime! If you like shrimp, that would be your protein. You can find good recipes all over the Internet, ours is very basic, but delicious.

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