Day 319-Wellness Wednesday-Natural Mosquito Spray

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Evening peeps, how are you today? Sorry it’s so late, I had a post from earlier but it was sabotaged by computer problems and I finally gave up.

I’ve decided that wellness Wednesday can cover more material and I won’t be stuck trying to talk about technical medical stuff-as if I have in the past, ha!

Pesky mosquitoes!

Anyhoo, I’m sure that you would like to know how to make your own mosquito repellant at home right? It’s super easy, cost effective and best of all, totally natural and free of harmful chemicals. They smell so much better than the repellant in a can you buy from the store too. All you need is a glass colored spray bottle like these from Amazon.

You need to have colored bottles to store essential oils in so they don’t degrade. Then you simply mix up your essential oils with distilled water or vodka and spray all exposed areas. Here is a great recipe to try, although you can use several different kinds-find your own favorite blend. Start with 4oz. of witch hazel mixed with 4 oz. distilled water. Add 30-50 drops of your favorite essential oil, or a blend of two or three. I like peppermint, lemongrass and tea tree oil. You could also try citronella and lavender. Lemon and eucalyptus mixed with mint. Try em all!

You can find several recipes on Pinterest or experiment with what you have on hand. I would use good quality, 100% pure essential oils for the best results, but there are some who’s price are lower than others, while still maintaining quality. Since you have to use so much per recipe, I would opt for the lower priced ones. Get them from your local health food store or even some drugstores are carrying decent brands, otherwise, shop online from one of the many sources there are these days.

Do try one and let me know how they work for you!


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  1. Everyone is complaining about Mosquitoes, I haven’t seen a one! we don’t get them that bad, maybe one or two bites a year! 🙂

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