Day 320-Summer Explosion of Color

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Afternoon everyone and once again, I am not in the mood to think about yesterday or yesteryear, I want to show you the massive explosion of floral color we have going on in my backyard and neighborhood. It is like the crepe myrtles went nuts this year, and I just have a small sample of the beauty that is in my neighborhood.

This one is from across the street at Stephanie’s house. They are like this all over our combined neighborhoods, a fireworks display of every color that they must come in. I need to take more pictures and pass them along.

Just white, but massive!
A close-up

The rest of these are from my own back yard, the crepe myrtles are my neighbor’s, we get to enjoy the view over the fence of the variation of colors. You can’t really see the fifth color, so I’ll provide a close-up of that one.

5 different colors in one yard!
There are 3 colors in this pic

The next two are my very own beauties, I should have taken the Bougainville when it was bloomed out and pretty, it is currently needing to be transplanted, so I omitted that one.

My hibiscus exploded this morning!

The next one is my wild lantana, and it is not doing as well as last year, but still looks beautiful to me.

I love the color variation of this flower.

I hope you enjoyed my little flower show more than the usual Throwback Thursday. I will try to remember to capture a few more of the gorgeous crepe myrtles tomorrow and post them at a later date. Unless I’m pressed for time, I plan on writing a story for Flash Fiction Friday tomorrow, but I’m trying to get things ready to host Bunco Saturday night, so we shall see! Join me then, I’ll be waiting on the patio! 




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