Day 325-Met-I'm No Angel, I Fight Temptation Too

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When I went Paleo two or three years ago, (has it really been that long?) I was totally gung-ho, everyone was proud of the willpower I had and I was proud of myself for sticking to it. Fast forward to today and I have to admit, I’m struggling just a bit.

Is it because it’s summertime and I just can’t stay away from the chips, salsa, and margaritas? Maybe. If that was all, I wouldn’t be worried as much, yet I have noticed that other sneaks have become more frequent and they aren’t just alcohol. Sometimes, my body just wants a carb and instead of making a healthy choice, I grab the easy thing like a bowl of cereal instead of fixing myself an egg, or God forbid, dipping into that left behind bag of Chex mix!

I know how to snack healthy, I have just gotten lazy. I need some motivation like I had when I started this whole journey. Back then it was my first cruise that motivated me, plus the desire to get the sugar and other toxins out of my body. I quit smoking and started vaping, now I’m not even vaping nicotine anymore. I have added CBD oil to my routine and I’m sleeping better. Maybe it is also increasing my appetite? Hmm.

Well, I simply have to fight back. I need to dig deep and remember the reason I started getting healthy in the first place. Yes, I am going on another cruise in September, yet I am not worried about that. I’m worried that I have let the Devil back in and he is reeking havoc on my body. (The Devil being sugar!) For instance, I snuck a brownie bite the other night when I was finally alone. Now, why did I do that?? I’m not fooling anyone and I’m only hurting myself. Why am I not motivated to exercise and take care of myself?

Sugar is as strong as heroin to kick once you introduce it back into your system. It causes a plethora of problems, one being candida. I don’t want that again!! It took me forever to get that out of my system, it had become systemic and that is a nightmare I don’t want to go through again. Yeast infections, constant pain in my joints, skin problems…no! Ok, that is my motivation, I will get back on track, start trying to find a way to get more exercise in and go back to no sugar in my diet.

It is really tough, that means no chips, cereal, bread (I don’t eat bread anymore EVER) ok, that’s a lie, sometimes here lately, I have even had a bite of my hubby’s bread. Yikes! How has this happened?? It starts with being honest with myself, and how can I teach others how to live a healthy lifestyle if I have fallen off the wagon myself? I have a pool, I have been doing some legwork but not every day. Since my knee has been hurting, I stopped walking, but since I started taking some new supplements, I noticed that the pain has lessened significantly and the inflammation has gone down. Maybe I could start walking again! I can also do some exercises on this big round ball I’m sitting on, ha!

I need to get strict with the “diet” again, nothing from a bag or a box, eating only whole foods like meat, eggs, salads, fruit, and nuts. Like I said, I know what to do, I just need to “do it”!  I weighed myself and I haven’t gained that much, it isn’t about that though. It’s about the flab, it’s about the danger of candida and other issues developing again. I want to be proud of myself again. I want to help others do the same and live healthy lives. Ok, self. This has been a great talk, now get out there and make a difference.


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  1. You are better than you think you are! You have so helped me to get on track even though there are times when I do right and the numbers still come up wrong:( I think you so much for all of the help, and I will support you! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. BTW, for breakfast I had rice crispies with blueberries and 2% milk and for lunch I had some more of that tuna salad that you made me yesterday and 10 wheat thins (14 of them is 20 carbs)/water. Because I am not strict on the Paleo I do not think I did too bad however I probably could have done a little better. My sugar was not horrible but not the best this morning! We had taco salad last night, and I did not overdo it or anything, ugh!

      1. Remember, your sugar numbers have more to do with your disease than your diet! You are doing fine, and that sounds like a great breakfast to me! I appreciate your support and advice!

  2. I am horrible with my diet, I am type 2 diabetic and I need to be a lot better with what I eat. Hang in there, you can do it. A slip here and there never hurt anyone.

  3. Speaking of sweet potatoes, I was going to bake a couple on the grill two nights ago, but The Mrs changed the menu plan…. so now, since you mentioned it, I will do so tonight!!! YUM is right!

  4. Good for you! I take it that’s plain yogurt, you added the fruit and the Pyure? Awesome start, let’s keep it up! I plan on either a salad or a smoothie for lunch, leaning towards the smoothie, cause I know I’ll have salad with dinner, lol.

      1. What do you mean about taking it easy on the salads? I am type II diabetic. A different story because my onset of it is due to my disability, and I cannot keep the weight on but at the same time I have to watch my carbs (sugar). Rolling on, Stephanie

  5. As a Type 1 diabetic, I too avoid the carbs (esp sugar!) when I am being “good”… summertime , I find, is also temptation time… I will be good though in order to support YOU being good… Deal? 😀

    1. Deal!! We can hold each other accountable. I am eating a scrambled egg and a half an orange as we speak!
      And thank you so much for supporting me. Let me know if you get your “official” thank you as well. 😉 That was very generous, I appreciate it more than you know.

      1. Ok, deal is made! 🙂 And it is my pleasure to support you and the Walk! Will let you know if/when I get the official TY… Nectarine, and cup of greek yogurt (9g of carbs is all!) with a sprinkling of pyure!

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