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I know, I said I wasn’t going to write for a few days, but I wanted to update everyone on the progress (or lack thereof) dealing with my stupid knee. Yesterday I was supposed to get my first Euflexxa injection (a gel-like, highly purified form of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in the body that helps cushion, lubricate, and protect the joints.)

Although I did not get Euflexxa yet, this is exactly how I got the cortisone shot!!

I saw the doctor for the first time however, and he suggested that may not be right for me based on the level of arthritis I have, the fact that my kneecap has NO cushion under it anymore, making my knee a painful, crunchy mess. He suggested I get a cortisone shot to get me through the next two weeks and then when we get back from our trip to see family in Mississippi, I will get an MRI to see exactly what we are dealing with. Then he can say whether the other medicine will benefit me or if I should try something else.

He said I will be facing a total knee replacement in the future, I of course knew that already, but he wants me to be comfortable until I’m ready, which is why he wants to give me some non-surgical options. There are other medications besides Euflexxa injections that may help, or I may have to have surgery sooner than later, I’m just not sure yet. I will keep you all posted! Thanks ahead of time for your prayers, concerns and well wishes. Hopefully, I will be back to gardening pain free before we know it!


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  1. I may be heading down that road to knee replacement myself, in the future. I have to say that I have heard really good things about the surgery. Good luck!

  2. I sent you a message via Facebook….I hope your trip goes well! Good luck with your knee, when mine hurts I’ll think of you! <3

  3. Right! That’s why he also wanted to make sure I had some pain pills for the trip. Hope I don’t need em but I’ll get em just in case! 😘

  4. I am sorry to read of the pain you are still having with your knee. I hope you are able to enjoy your vacation without too much focus on it. Peace, Kim.

  5. That’s good 😊 I had a MRI scan quite a few years ago on one knee. Apartently the kneecap and the calf bone did not meet in a straight line! I was told I could have surgery but I may end up with a limp so because I was just about ready to move to Spain I opted out. Surgery would be the last resort. 😊

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