Vacation, A Week In Review-Saturday, July 8th Groves, Texas

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Good morning my peeps, and how is everyone today?! I am back, refreshed and ready to take on this manic Monday with tales and pictures of my vacation last week for anyone willing to listen! LOL

We started our trip in the city we used to live in, in SE Tx., a town called Groves. We wanted to catch up with old friends and some of David’s co-workers and that is exactly what we did. Unfortunately, sometimes yours truly gets caught up in the moment and enjoys the visit so much, she forgets to take pictures, so not everyone that we visited got photographed.

First, after a trying check in at our motel, we went to my old neighborhood and saw my neighbor Mrs. Matar. She looked wonderful and was sooooĀ surprised to see us! We caught up a while and Dave wanted to go see one of his friends, so we left and Mrs. Matar wanted us to come back and see the improvements to our old house that the new tenants have done. Dave was not sure he was ready for that, however, I talked him into it the next day. Anyway, his friend was not home, so we ventured on to my old place of voluntary employment and saw my old co-worker Dossie. I shocked her as well and she seemed happy to see me but thought I was back for good. šŸ™

The bridge from Bridge City back into Groves-just had to see it again since the new paint was done
A welcome rain brought this beautiful rainbow
Our view of the Neches river from The Wheelhouse

Later on, we went and had a lovely, relaxing dinner with my other friends that lived around the corner from us, Roxanne and Darrell along with Dave’s co-worker and friend, Micheal. What a great time we had, noshing on delicious food from The Wheelhouse, overlooking Port Neches River with a beautiful rainbow (double actually) in the background…the whole time we were there! I had crawfish nachos and Dave had catfish after an appetizer of bacon wrapped shrimp that was scrumptious! I also enjoyed what they called a breakfast margarita followed by a regular frozen one. Ā From there it was on to discover Port Neches new microbreweryĀ where Darrell and Dave had some kind of craft beer, Roxanne and I had wine since neither of us can stand the taste of beer. Yes, the diet was officially dead while on vacation, and I’m only getting started! My theory was to see just how well all of my supplements and essential oils work if I eat exactly how I wanted to while on the trip. The good news is, if my scale can be believed, I only gained 4 pounds even after all the debauchery that occurred! I can remedy that very quickly by behaving this week.

Tomorrow I may cover two days since half of that day was spent on the road. I hope you enjoy my recap and photos, it’s all I have to show for my fantastic week off, except for a new outfit and a pair of earrings I bought while in Biloxi. See you all tomorrow for me it’s time for a bath and back to work. Have a beautiful Monday everyone! šŸ™‚


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  1. What a great time that must have been. I loved the pictures, the bridge shot looked as though you would just drive up into the clouds. I’m also a sucker for rainbows.

  2. It was awesome to see you today! So glad to read even more than you told me about, and of course I love pictures! Looking forward to the rest of the story… Rolling on, Stephanie

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