Vacation, A Week In Review-Sunday and Monday, July 9-10 Groves to Biloxi

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Good morning everyone and sorry for leading you on Monday and then disappearing yesterday. I had to take my Dad to the hospital Monday evening and did not get home until 4pm yesterday and I was too exhausted to get anything accomplished. He is much better now after suffering a huge spike in his blood pressure. We aren’t sure what caused it, I’m just glad he was well taken care of and is back at home now. He hates being in the hospital and I can attest that as a guest, it is not comfortable for us either! That chair/bed thing did not allow for a wink of sleep on my part. Oh well, I was just glad I was able to be there with him, he has a very difficult time communicating, therefore, I am his voice and ears. I have to say, he was a trooper though, being very patient with the long stay since he was ready to go home after the first hour of being there. Lol.

Inside our old church, note the empty pews!

Back to my recap now, Sunday we went to our old church in Port Arthur, United Methodist Temple and I was happy to be able to visit with a few of my friends that attend there on a regular basis. Unfortunately, lots of people were out and they had a new pastor, it was good though and we enjoyed his message just the same. After church, we did a little shopping at the old mall we used to go to, looking for some shorts for Dave and scoring some major Shopkick points (I’m already at a $25 gift card level) and some cheap earrings for myself. They were attractive to me because they have colors in them that match so many of my outfits. Anyway, after the short shopping excursion, we went back and met the people that live in our old house and saw the fabulous job they have done making it their own. We were so happy to see they had not changed any of our improvements, just added a few of their own, like the fence he always wanted to replace and dividing that long living room up and creating a 4th bedroom. They were very nice to do that and looked like wonderful neighbors to my friend Mrs. Matar.

Dave looking relaxed and happy at La Cantina

We had made plans to join Dave’s friends at dinner, so off we went to our old Mexican favorite, Rancho Grande and enjoyed their company and a wonderful dinner and margarita. Dave and I decided to go back to our motel and then walked to La Cantina to have one more because I was not ready to just go back and sit around at the hotel. He looks so relaxed and happy which made me glad we took this much-needed break. Monday morning, he left me to sleep in and pack up while he went and visited his old boss and co-workers. They enjoyed seeing him and wanted to know if he was ready to come back, lol. He does miss it, but when the time comes we have different plans for our retirement, lol.

After breakfast at yet another Waffle House, we got back on the road and headed for Biloxi where we were set up to spend two wonderful nights at the Scarlet Pearl Casino and Resort. It took approximately five hours and most of that was spent in the driving, pouring rain! We watched ourselves heading into it and Dave’s apprehension grew as the storm clouds darkened. Luckily it was just a matter of putting up with rainy miles some,  where you could barely see the car in front of you, but by the time we got to Biloxi (the place of my birth), it was sunny and beautiful. We visited the welcome center and I was so impressed by the driftwood artwork I had to take a few pictures of some of the sculptures there. Then we walked out on the pier and I took a few more pics of the beach, nearby Deer Island and the other end of the strip of beach running back to Gulfport. I wish I could show you ALL the pictures I took, I’m afraid it would use up too much media! You might notice my stupid purse gets in more than one shot during this series, lol!

Heading into some heavy precipitation!
A shot of the coastline from the pier in Biloxi
A sculpture made of driftwood
Me posing by another sculpture crafted from just one piece of driftwood!

As we were walking back to our rented vehicle, some local news reporters showed up and wanted to interview us for a piece on why Biloxi beach is a family favorite. I could not believe that we were going to possibly be on the news after being there less than an hour. Well, I don’t think our story was featured as I could not find it anywhere and my cousin said she had not seen it either. Oh well!

Our view of the back bay from the 17th floor
Just one picture showing how gorgeous the rooms were

A few shots of the beautiful course, featuring a volcano that really works and us playing the game.

Seriously folks, I took so many picture and just wish I could share them all! Maybe someone can tell me how to make the most of my space on my blog since I’m afraid to use too much media.

We then made our way to the casino hotel and it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. We had a great time gambling and playing mini-golf at the attached putt-putt course called Lava Links. The room was luxurious and the whole resort was exquisite, I would give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone! The buffet featured everything anyone could ever want, I tried to be good the first night and only had some boiled shrimp and some salad. I won when we played our first round of Mini-golf and carried that high back into the casino, but did not continue my winning streak. We retired to our room and I went to sleep thinking of exploring Biloxi the next day. I’ll tell you all about that next time we talk. Right now there is much housework to be done and hopefully I can take a break or catch a few rays later, right here on the patio.


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  1. Good morning dear Kim. Thanks for the nice account of your re-visit to Port Arthur, which I enjoyed. Hey, I like your hubby as he seems to always have some room to spare for another drink. Glad your Dad is doing well. A kiss. Arrivederci!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, glad you are enjoying my recap! Let me know what you would like to see I nyou’d like to see in future posts!

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