Vacation, A Week in Review-Tuesday, July 11-D'Iberville, Biloxi, and Pascagoula

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I apologize to all of you that my account of our vacation is taking so long, however, it has been nice with less pressure on myself to write every day. I am trying to figure out my next steps for the direction of my writing and how it will all fit into my schedule but honestly, I’m hoping it just kind of falls into place somewhere along the way. Like that’s gonna happen, lol! Ever feel like you have too many irons in the fire? That’s me right now, I need to pick one and stick with that.

Anyway, continuing on our journey, Tuesday morning we woke up and went in search of some breakfast since the hotel only offered a very expensive option. (Their buffet did not do breakfast :0) So, again we settled on Waffle House because, seriously, coffee!! Then we were on a quest to find my sister’s old house and the area my Dad grew up in, called the Point. We drove around Biloxi and D’iberville a while and through texts with my sister we found one of her houses, yet that was not the one she had first. Then we went visiting and searching for a naval museum Dave wanted to see in Pascagoula.

Pascagoula Naval Shipyard

Unfortunately, he didn’t copy the address out of the magazine he saw it in, so it was a dry run. We did, however, happen to visit the exact naval yard my Dad used to work in! He told me that when he saw my pictures of it from across the bay. Then it was on to visit his cousin in Woolmarket who told us where the museum was, but he had lost interest by that point. Note: My husband isn’t much on stopping and seeing things while on vacation, he is more of a drive til you get there kind of guy. He has been promising me we will stop at the Sam Houston memorial forever, still, we have not. Lol. Anyhoo, after our dry run, we went to try and see the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum but got there just as the doors closed! 🙁 Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we also visited another casino for a short bit before dinner the second night called Boomtown, we were not impressed. I wanted to go to the Hard Rock Casino since that is who my oldest son sells trips through for a living, but all I got was a lousy picture as we drove by it. 🙁

My Dad’s cousin Dorothy
A map showing the original Point Cadet before Katrina destroyed everything
The museum we missed

I had to include some shots of the decor at The Scarlet Pearl, that place was so beautiful. The next morning we went and visited my Dad’s friend Ethelyne before we headed to Lucedale for the remainder of our trip. I show a picture of her and the little figurine of a little dog she says he gave her when they were kids, she has kept it all these years. Next stop and the end of our week visiting friends and family from afar (say that 3 times fast) is Lucedale, Mississippi where my Mom is from and my surviving uncle and his wife live. I have cousins and their families still living there and it is sad that we have lost touch with each other and I don’t really know some of them well at all. I guess it’s just a fact of life though, everyone gets busy with their own lives and these things happen.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino-Biloxi

Roses on the carpet and flowers on the wall. Above is one of the beautiful light fixtures around the hotel.
My Dad’s long time friend Ethelyne


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  1. Great pictures and a good write-up of the trip. That was a fantastic light fixture to say the least! I would love to have it. The Hard Rock guitar was truly impressive.

    1. If you ever get the chance, you should visit Biloxi! Especially that Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort. We got our tickets through (which I launched from my Ibotta app) and even got cash back on our purchase!

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