Vacation, A Week in Review-Wednesday & Thursday, July 13-14-Lucedale

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Again, so sorry this has been spread out so far, it’s easy to get out of the habit of daily writing and let life fill in the empty spaces.

The last leg of our journey was spent at my cousin Edie’s house. For two days we relaxed and visited with her sister Mary and Mary’s husband Buddy as well as enjoying her cooking and eating whatever I liked. Edie is a fantastic cook and really went out of her way to prepare a feast for us and other members of the Caldwell family-Uncle Tony and his wife Tammy, cousins Andrea and her children, Mary’s daughter Katie and her children, cousin Eva’s husband Robbie. There were other cousins I wanted to see, however,they were out of town or simply lived too far away to visit this time.

Edie’s silver lab, Bo
Edie preparing the first night’s feast
My cousin MaryKate and her hubby Buddy
My Aunt Tammi and I
Tammi, Buddy, Uncle Tony and Dave out by Edie’s pool
Cousin Andrea and her kids
Andrea’s oldest-Cameron with a rat snake he caught in the yard
Mary’s daughter Katie cheesing for the camera

We ate and visited late into the night after everyone else left and the next day went to see Mary and Buddy’s house. After the short visit there, we went back to Edie’s for round two-dinner, drinks and late night conversations and then headed home the next day. We originally planned to go through Vicksburg, but Dave was anxious to get home so he could pick up his new truck the next day.

Dave being playfully mauled by Bo
My beautiful cousin Mary
Dave’s new ride, his third Avalanche and most lifted vehicle ever! I practically need steps!

All in all it was a great trip and now it’s their turn to come visit us! 😉

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