Day 329-Free Days-The Great Vehicle Search

Hey folks, how’s it going this wonderful Saturday evening? We started with a super rainy morning and wound up sunny and warm. Today was spent mostly in the car as we were on the hunt to replace this:

The old truck

with something more like this:

The coveted Avalanche

We have had several of these before, it is his favorite vehicle, only this time, he is buying used-he is over high monthly car payments. We struck out today, but saw some good possibilities. Now we are both beat, full and have assumed our relaxed positions. After the dry run today which was spent going from Azle all the way to Dallas, Garland, and Plano…we then decided to get dinner at Papadeaux. I guess I had too many carbs because I can barely hold my eyes open.

What is everyone doing for the fourth? Get back to me on that and I will see you tomorrow, on the patio.