Here Are My Thoughts This Morning

A Letter To Royal Caribbean

 Dear Royal Caribbean,

I was so looking forward to climbing aboard your magnificent ship on Sunday, Sept. 3 with my friends from Sertoma, to sail to places I have never been, to party and enjoy myself for one whole glorious week, however, Mother Nature intervened (as I’m sure you know) and a devastating hurricane named Harvey ruined those plans. Now, I cannot in good faith, see myself parade past tens of thousands of displaced, suffering human beings to go live it up for a week, even if I could get to Galveston (which I can’t), even if the port was open, (which it is not) and even with all of that, how can you as a company not see the horror yourself and immediately offer refunds or reschedule this particular cruise???

That’s what I would say if I could talk to or get a letter to anyone that mattered at the cruise line. I’m so bent out of shape this morning as picture after picture and story after story comes in from friends and family displaced or sheltering in place, stuck because they cannot get out and no one can get in to help. I just heard that Beaumont has lost water and an explosion at a plant in Crosby has people evacuating from that as well!

On top of all of that, my mother-in-law was just diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and my husband is understandably distraught so the timing of this (cruise) could not be worse. I was just informed that Galveston is opening the ferry so the ships can leave out soon and get back in, no matter. It’s a shame but really, how can I leave right now. I would feel horrible, I already wish there was something I could do other than pray and maybe donate a little money. My son said he has friends up and quitting their jobs to go help (I don’t know if they are letting them anywhere near the disaster areas though) which I think is awesome. Everywhere you look you see stories of people helping each other in the wake of all the devastation. Humanity is alive and well and God bless Texas.

Here is a link to state and national organizations that are helping with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts at

Rhyme, Rhythm, and My Love of Hard Rock Music

So I’m supposed to create a post using the daily prompt you say? How about I talk about rhyme, rhythm, and my love for hard rock music that has been a part of my life since I was about twelve years old.

Actually, I’ve been singing since before I could talk, alone, in a group, with friends…it doesn’t matter, just give me a few notes, some words that rhyme and a heavy, hard rock beat and I have all the ingredients I need to fulfill my soul and make me one happy girl.

Who are some bands and groups that provide good rhymes in my genre of music you might ask? My real love affair started with groups like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin and simply got stronger and harder over the years. Now my tastes are fed by groups such as Korn (no pun intended), Theory of a Deadman, Breaking Benjamin and so much more that I would be here all day trying to name them.

What is my favorite place to hear such music? Well, mainly in my car, on a satellite station called Octane, one of the Sirius/XM channels, and now there is a new one that takes me a few years back but provides me with that hard, driving beat I love so much and groups that actually SING instead of SCREAM the music called Turbo. They play more of a sustained, rhythmic kind of rock featuring groups like Puddle of Mud, Alice in Chains and Foo Fighters who play music that not only rhymes but provides the kind of beat you might actually be able to dance to.

Check out one of my favorite bands singing This Probably Won’t End Well:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! That’s all for today’s prompt, let me get back to my Crowd Content jobs and my Udemy class with Nick Usborne, an Aussie who really knows how to teach copywriting skills and make it fun and interesting. Have a great day everyone!


Counted Blessings and New Beginnings

Friday night as the hurricane approached

Several people are considering themselves lucky this morning that Hurricane Harvey packed a smaller punch than predicted, still, it is far from over and residents all along the coast are bracing for days of constant, heavy rainfall and forecasters are predicting several feet of rain to fall in the next 48-72 ours.

After dodging the storm myself by not going to Galveston for my planned girl trip, many decided to ride it out. Some further south were issued a warning by Charles Wagner the Brazoria County sheriff who stated “You’re on your own until after the storm is over with, I’m not going to risk the lives of my people to go in there for somebody that voluntarily stayed and then all of a sudden wants to come out.” According to the Wall Street Journal the mayor of Rockport was frustrated that some people would not evacuate and told a local television station Friday that they should write their social security numbers and their names on their arms. This is so when the bodies are found they can be identified.

Although I’m sad I missed my trip, I am glad that everyone seems to be ok, although I have not heard the latest this morning from the other girls at the condo. With rainfall coming in what the weathermen are calling BIBLICAL proportions, they will be lucky to get home any time soon. I just hope they are safe and sound and at least have power and water, more than many people woke up to this morning along the coast.

Meanwhile, here at home I’ve been working hard on my Crowd Content jobs and earned myself a white bunny which means I am now earning bonuses because of my quick TAT, or turn around times. The client is happy with my work and if I continue to please him, I will also move up a level and earn even more per word. I also have been trying an experiment in growing my own lettuce in water, a trick I saw on Pinterest I think.

  My starter from the base of a head of romaine

I may never run out of lettuce again, lol! I believe there are many vegetables you can regrow this way including celery and other types of lettuce.

Well, I was going to go out and get some weeding done while the ground is soft and damp, but it just keeps raining!!! We were not supposed to be affected by the hurricane, but I’m thinking they forecasters missed the mark on this one. Just don’t think they were wrong concerning Harvey, there is much yet to “weather” I’m afraid.

From the weather channel earlier today

Please be careful and stay safe my friends of the gulf coast, and here’s hoping Galveston does not wake up a bad situation tomorrow morning. That’s what I’ll be praying for.