How Are You The Most Comfortable?

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Morning everyone, I’m coming to you straight from my office where I’m sitting atop my exercise ball, in my loosest pair of shorts, no bra yet, and my favorite tie-dye tank top. Flat yet bejeweled flip-flops adorn my feet, and I have not yet bothered with makeup. This is how I’m most comfortable, how about you?

I like to look decent when I leave the house, but at home, I like to be comfortable, especially when I’m writing. I would look rather silly all decked out just to sit in my office writing all day, wouldn’t I? No heels or platforms, no long pants or dresses-not while rolling around atop this ball anyway, lol.

Friday night we had a visit from Dave’s brother and his significant other, the guys planned on sitting by the pool enjoying beverages and catching up and Connie and I went inside so she could use me as a guinea pig to practice her nail jobs on.

Fingernails by Connie

I think she did a fantastic job, by the way, believe it or not, those nails match lots of clothes I own, like the shirt I’m currently wearing! Anyway, since I had been in the pool earlier, I would normally have stayed in my swimsuit since that is how I’m comfy in the summer months much of the time. However, it was freezing in the house, now that I was damp from swimming earlier and I just had to go change. What I changed into looked more suitable for the fall, sweat pants in a long short form, and a big floppy t-shirt normally used to sleep in that I inherited from Miss Stephanie.

(note the electric fly-swatter in the background of the picture. That is for also annihilating mosquitos!)

The method Connie used to paint my nails I’ve actually tried myself. I’ve been painting my own nails for 40 years and only get them done outside the house for a treat. She took a makeup sponge in the wedge shape, painted the 3 colors in stripes on it, then rolled the sponge across each nail. After that, she added all the decorations and finished with a gel clear coat so they all stay on. Unfortunately, my hands were in water much of the next day, what with all the food prep and dinner making the next day. I’m missing a couple of gems, but I can replace them later.

So how do you get comfy? I’d love to know, just leave me a comment or drop me an email. Til next time when I see you on the patio.

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  1. Same as Anne! loose jeans/shorts, tank top, sandels, no make up, and low and behold I painted my nails last weekend! wow! once in 3 yrs! lol..

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