My Oooh Shiny

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I have always loved beautiful cars. Before I met my husband, I was proud to have picked out my own used, yet beautiful-to-me vehicles. When I was young, I always wanted a muscle car, but it wasn’t until I had been married over twenty five years before I got one. That’s not to say he never bought me a new car, he has purchased many-I have been a lucky girl for sure. My first muscle car was a Camaro, and it was the coolest color-an Orange like no other. Then he decided it was too much trouble for him to get in and out of so we traded that for an Impala. Then, about a year or so ago, he decided I needed this:

My Challenger the day after I got it almost a year ago

This is my shiny, honestly, I love a new car just as much as a new diamond. Again, I’m a very lucky girl!!

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  1. Good evening dear Kim. Oh my! Have women evolved in their tastes over the past few years! I can still remember being harshly scolded by “my significant other” because l supposedly took too much time for the care of my Pontiac TransAm…Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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