Mother Nature is a B*tch!!!

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Well, I was almost packed and ready to go to Galveston tomorrow for my weekend girl trip when my husband sent me this:   

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Naturally, the projected landfall is Galveston and he said it was a 100% chance of becoming a hurricane and evacuation of the island is a very real possibility. So, what do you do? Stay home, lose the money you invested on the condo and be safe? Of course, they could be wrong, I don’t go and still, I lose out. I’m in a quandary but it is better to be safe than sorry. If it does come, I want all the ladies I was about to meet and party with to get out of dodge before they are having to evacuate in the middle of a hurricane with thousands of other people trying to get off the island!!

I am so bummed right now I can’t even think straight, but I will say this; I want everyone safe. I was so looking forward to this trip, but there can be another time. Please be careful and keep your eyes to the sky! Speaking of that, I wonder if the eclipse is to blame for ruining my trip! Mother nature can be a real b*tch!


4 Replies to “Mother Nature is a B*tch!!!”

  1. What do you want the other ladies say? Are they still going on there like you in new not want to chance it? It is later in the day since it was this morning and they may have changed some of the predictions, but for most I want you to be safe. Do what you gotta do, you are right there will always be and the other one! I know you are completely bummed! Aunt Carol is heading home today in time for the bad weather which I was thinking she should probably stay here, but whatever!

    Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. Rest assured, I will keep an eye on the weather and if it weakens or turns around, I will still go. No money back if I don’t but like you said, the important thing is that I stay safe. Thank you for being your concerned self, yes I was bummed but I’ll get over it. 🙂

  2. now, see….I’d go anyway. Most hurricanes are of (just) over gale force winds and are actually pretty cool to hang in…….

    1. That’s what I told Judy and that wind doesn’t bother me but my husband is the worry wart and he would not like me to go. He just loves me and wants me to be safe though. 😊

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