Counted Blessings and New Beginnings

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Friday night as the hurricane approached

Several people are considering themselves lucky this morning that Hurricane Harvey packed a smaller punch than predicted, still, it is far from over and residents all along the coast are bracing for days of constant, heavy rainfall and forecasters are predicting several feet of rain to fall in the next 48-72 ours.

After dodging the storm myself by not going to Galveston for my planned girl trip, many decided to ride it out. Some further south were issued a warning by Charles Wagner the Brazoria County sheriff who stated “You’re on your own until after the storm is over with, I’m not going to risk the lives of my people to go in there for somebody that voluntarily stayed and then all of a sudden wants to come out.” According to the Wall Street Journal the mayor of Rockport was frustrated that some people would not evacuate and told a local television station Friday that they should write their social security numbers and their names on their arms. This is so when the bodies are found they can be identified.

Although I’m sad I missed my trip, I am glad that everyone seems to be ok, although I have not heard the latest this morning from the other girls at the condo. With rainfall coming in what the weathermen are calling BIBLICAL proportions, they will be lucky to get home any time soon. I just hope they are safe and sound and at least have power and water, more than many people woke up to this morning along the coast.

Meanwhile, here at home I’ve been working hard on my Crowd Content jobs and earned myself a white bunny which means I am now earning bonuses because of my quick TAT, or turn around times. The client is happy with my work and if I continue to please him, I will also move up a level and earn even more per word. I also have been trying an experiment in growing my own lettuce in water, a trick I saw on Pinterest I think.

  My starter from the base of a head of romaine

I may never run out of lettuce again, lol! I believe there are many vegetables you can regrow this way including celery and other types of lettuce.

Well, I was going to go out and get some weeding done while the ground is soft and damp, but it just keeps raining!!! We were not supposed to be affected by the hurricane, but I’m thinking they forecasters missed the mark on this one. Just don’t think they were wrong concerning Harvey, there is much yet to “weather” I’m afraid.

From the weather channel earlier today

Please be careful and stay safe my friends of the gulf coast, and here’s hoping Galveston does not wake up a bad situation tomorrow morning. That’s what I’ll be praying for.

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  1. I am glad you are safe, there will be getting another girl’s trip I am sure. As of this morning aunt Carol is doing okay. She lives on the west side of Houston, which has not gotten back yet. It is not over yet I am afraid. I said something about her coming up here, and dad said she will not be able to get on the highway until the storm is gone.

  2. oh wow…..why did I never think of growing lettuce that way? thanks for the tip..and while I am sorry you missed your trip I am very thankful you are safe!

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