Rhyme, Rhythm, and My Love of Hard Rock Music

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So I’m supposed to create a post using the daily prompt you say? How about I talk about rhyme, rhythm, and my love for hard rock music that has been a part of my life since I was about twelve years old.

Actually, I’ve been singing since before I could talk, alone, in a group, with friends…it doesn’t matter, just give me a few notes, some words that rhyme and a heavy, hard rock beat and I have all the ingredients I need to fulfill my soul and make me one happy girl.

Who are some bands and groups that provide good rhymes in my genre of music you might ask? My real love affair started with groups like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin and simply got stronger and harder over the years. Now my tastes are fed by groups such as Korn (no pun intended), Theory of a Deadman, Breaking Benjamin and so much more that I would be here all day trying to name them.

What is my favorite place to hear such music? Well, mainly in my car, on a satellite station called Octane, one of the Sirius/XM channels, and now there is a new one that takes me a few years back but provides me with that hard, driving beat I love so much and groups that actually SING instead of SCREAM the music called Turbo. They play more of a sustained, rhythmic kind of rock featuring groups like Puddle of Mud, Alice in Chains and Foo Fighters who play music that not only rhymes but provides the kind of beat you might actually be able to dance to.

Check out one of my favorite bands singing This Probably Won’t End Well:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! That’s all for today’s prompt, let me get back to my Crowd Content jobs and my Udemy class with Nick Usborne, an Aussie who really knows how to teach copywriting skills and make it fun and interesting. Have a great day everyone!


4 Replies to “Rhyme, Rhythm, and My Love of Hard Rock Music”

  1. Thanks Stephanie, no that wasn’t the song, sorry the link didn’t work, I’ll try to fix it. It was a song called This Probably Won’t End Well.
    Good news to report, Crowd Content pays as promised! Money for my jobs appeared in my Paypal account today! So happy a company delivers on its promises. How are you today?

  2. A different song by a group called All That Remains came on and the song was Madness! Was that right? It was at least hard rock and I like the song. Your genre of music is not one that I listen to very much at all, but that is okay! If we were all the same, we would be boring people! I really enjoyed you sharing the link even though I totally know you! Gives me and others a personal insight to who you are! Rolling on, Stephanie

  3. My brother Stuart used to jam with Dave Grohl…….Dave was a guitar student of Stuart’s back in Alexandria, Va …..many many years ago. Dave actually played backup for Stu’s one and only album “on the Steppes of Central Asia” back in 1973.

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