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A Letter To Royal Caribbean

 Dear Royal Caribbean,

I was so looking forward to climbing aboard your magnificent ship on Sunday, Sept. 3 with my friends from Sertoma, to sail to places I have never been, to party and enjoy myself for one whole glorious week, however, Mother Nature intervened (as I’m sure you know) and a devastating hurricane named Harvey ruined those plans. Now, I cannot in good faith, see myself parade past tens of thousands of displaced, suffering human beings to go live it up for a week, even if I could get to Galveston (which I can’t), even if the port was open, (which it is not) and even with all of that, how can you as a company not see the horror yourself and immediately offer refunds or reschedule this particular cruise???

That’s what I would say if I could talk to or get a letter to anyone that mattered at the cruise line. I’m so bent out of shape this morning as picture after picture and story after story comes in from friends and family displaced or sheltering in place, stuck because they cannot get out and no one can get in to help. I just heard that Beaumont has lost water and an explosion at a plant in Crosby has people evacuating from that as well!

On top of all of that, my mother-in-law was just diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and my husband is understandably distraught so the timing of this (cruise) could not be worse. I was just informed that Galveston is opening the ferry so the ships can leave out soon and get back in, no matter. It’s a shame but really, how can I leave right now. I would feel horrible, I already wish there was something I could do other than pray and maybe donate a little money. My son said he has friends up and quitting their jobs to go help (I don’t know if they are letting them anywhere near the disaster areas though) which I think is awesome. Everywhere you look you see stories of people helping each other in the wake of all the devastation. Humanity is alive and well and God bless Texas.

Here is a link to state and national organizations that are helping with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts at

3 Replies to “Here Are My Thoughts This Morning”

  1. Kimmy, send a letter to the VP in charge of customer relations, certified, return receipt, signature required. In it give him or her two options. 1 total refund immediately or 2. transfer f tickets to a time determined BY YOU within the next nine months. State firmly that these are his only two choices on your cancellation of the trip. Give your reasons for cancellation firmly and without emotion (if at all possible) and give him/her 10 working days time limit upon receipt of your letter to fix it. Believe it or not, that worked for me on an overseas trip that was “non-refundable”. everything is refundable under the right circumstances and a hurricane is definitely one of them.

    1. Actually, they gave me a direct line to call, which I did, and was informed that because this was a group trip booked by a travel agent, she would have to take care of the cancellation. I relayed that info but have not heard anything back from her yet. I’ll keep you posted.

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