PKD Awareness Day!

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I am helping to spread the word about PKD today because 600,000 Americans are living with this chronic, life-threatening genetic disease.

Anyone who knows me and/or follows this blog, knows I have PKD in the early stages and started participating in promoting awareness by talking about it and walking in the yearly WALK FOR PKD.

PKD Awareness Day is today, Sept 4 so I am again trying to do my part and make everyone out there understand more about what these folks are dealing with. Since I am in the early stages, I have too many cysts to count, yet they are so far small, so they are not affecting my daily life or my kidney function. Many others are undergoing dialysis or some other form of treatment to deal with their disease.

I’m helping raise awareness by placing the teal PKD ribbon on my Facebook page, and soon you will see some links from the PKD foundation to help understand what it is, fundraising efforts and how you can help, how to talk to your doctor if you or a loved one has been diagnosed, and more. I realize that right now the focus is mainly on several natural disasters ravaging the nation right now, from the hurricane in Houston, to fires raging from California to Montana, but just take a few minutes out of your day, if you don’t mind, and say a prayer for all those fighting their own battle with this disease.

Polycystic kidney disease is closer to home than you realize.
Let’s do the math: If every American has 150 acquaintances and 600,000 Americans are living with PKD, then there are only 1.2 degrees of separation between the healthy American and person with PKD.


I hope you don’t mind me spreading the word and helping raise awareness, you all may or may not know that the Walk For PKD is coming up in October, so you will be seeing more updates as the time gets closer.

Everyone have a spectacular Labor Day and take a minute to think about those people dealing with all types of debilitating diseases including PKD and continue saying prayers for those on the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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