My New "Do"- What Say You?

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Ok peeps, time for some brutal honesty here! The question is: if you didn’t know, would you think it was real?

Looks like I’m modeling my phone, lol!

I will be modeling more as I get them and maybe I’ll hold a contest to find out the favorite. I’m thinking I will enjoy them during the winter since they do warm your head a bit. Paula Young has some she calls Feather Lite, so I don’t know if they are cooler or what, but I may order one. I know the cost is about a third of what this one cost. I should be getting a short one from Wish that was really inexpensive. Why, I could be someone different every day! What’s the difference in changing my “do” or wearing a hat or scarf? I teased my husband and said, “Ooooh, I could be ‘the other woman’ ha”

My main “issue” with this one is it has an adjustable cap, when tightened to fit my head, it bunches in the back (you can’t see it but I can feel it) and maybe I should stick to wigs that have sizes available, since I have a small head.

Would you be willing to wear a wig if your hair was thinning? Some may have the idea that it’s a vanity thing, and that’s ok. I’m trying it because it makes me feel better to have options. I am not really a hat person and I don’t know how to wear scarves.

I used to work at The Cancer Center in Arlington, I saw people that wore them when they lost their hair and they had such marvelous attitudes about wearing them. Then again for some it was very personal and difficult and I loved that the center provided wigs, hats and scarfs for our patients to choose from. I’m blessed that I don’t have cancer (that I know of) and my hair is just very thin for reasons I don’t know. It seems to be getting worse and so this is my solution.

I’m excited, and a little nervous, to see your responses. Have a happy Thursday and I’ll see you later, on the patio!

13 Replies to “My New "Do"- What Say You?”

  1. looks good! Try different colors too…you’d be surprised at how many people won’t notice the color or style, just how great you look!

  2. I think you look good with a wig and without. If you are more satisfied with a wig, wear it. I think your satisfaction with your appearance will be reflected in your face.

    1. Thanks Anne, once I get comfortable with it, I’ll relax a bit. This one doesn’t fit right, or I just don’t know how to adjust it. I’m gonna remedy that!

  3. I think it looks fine! I love the other woman part, that was good. Strange as it sounds, I have come to like my hair short, but I’m a guy. My hair is thinning on top. The wife wants me to let it grow out and just comb it over. I told her I swore I would never be one of those old guys that tries to cover the bald area with side hair, then when they are caught in the wind it stands up on edge, like you have a lid to your brain.
    As the kids say, Your rocking that piece.

    1. You are too funny and so very kind sir. I loved the “lid to your brain” comment, made me laugh out loud! This particular wig was his choice, yet he doesn’t act any different when I wear it. Guess that proves he loves me any way I am. 😊

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