Who'd Like A Beneficial Recipe?

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Alright! If I’ve done nothing else today, and I’m sure I will (get other things done) I made my own before-u-go spray, otherwise known as poo-pouri. Ha, you thought this was gonna be a food recipe right? Well…fooled ya!

This recipe is super simple and you can use several different items you have on hand. Surely by now most everyone has some brand of essential oils laying around the house, right?? If you don’t, you have no idea what you’re missing. They are sooooo beneficial.

Anyhoo-take a 2 oz glass spray or mist bottle (you can get them in-store or online from Amazon) and add to that:

  1. 1 Tbs alcohol (rubbing or vodka)
  2. 5 drops each of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils
  3. Water

Slap a label on the bottle saying what it is and that you need to spray it into the toilet 5 times before you go!

Here’s mine:

Home made Poo-Pouri

I say it’s a beneficial recipe cause the person entering the bathroom after you will be so glad you used it!!


Now for something completely different:

Yesterday, we took my husband’s mom to the dr to find out if she would need chemo to continue her fight against the T-cell lymphoma she is dealing with and yes, sure enough, he said they are going to try a milder type called Bendamustine instead of the harsh one normally used for lymphomas called CHOP. Chop has adriamycin in it and is very hard on your body. We are glad he is doing this kind for two reasons: it is milder and she may get less nausea and less alopecia (hair loss) and the second reason is that she only has to do the treatment once a month for four to six months. It is given through a port in her chest which will be surgically placed this week sometime, over a two-day period and then she’s done for four weeks! I think she is relieved to get something going that will make her feel better too.

When I got home, my brain was swimming and I had no real desire to do anything productive (I don’t know why, feeling overwhelmed? Lazy?) but I did go to the store and while there I decided to treat myself to a small, fall bouquet. Know why? Cause flowers lift you up and make you feel a little bit better by brightening up your space.

My sweet autumn bouquet from Aldi

Just a cheap bunch of flowers from Aldi but man, they sure made me feel…special? Accomplished? Idk, but better.

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  1. Good morning and thanks for the nice recipe Kim. There are always unwanted ofours in a house, especially when there are careless men walking around. Un baccione.

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