Finally, A Pepper!

Nothing excites me more than seeing new growth on one of my babies, whether it’s a flower, a fruit or a vegetable. 

OK, That’s a little bit of a lie, but anyway, some of you may or may not know about my aero garden, a gift to me from my brother a couple of years ago. This thing is an amazing way to grow herbs, veggies or flowers inside your home and all that is needed is air and water!! Occasionally, some liquid nutrients also (a light will tell you when it’s time for that)

So this time, I planted veggies for making salsa, cherry tomatoes, and jalapeno peppers.  The tomatoes flowered and produced early on, yet the peppers just kept flowering and I was losing all hope of pepper production until Saturday when, after listening to me whine my husband walked in the dining room and took a look at my plant. There! One is growing right there, he pointed and I finally saw it. I was just short of jumping up and down, so excited was I!

Of course, I had to take a picture.

Look close and you will see a tiny pepper

Now, in all fairness, I have to say that I chose the wrong tomatoes for salsa making, and besides, the tomatoes are pretty much done and the peppers are just starting so….

Have any of you ever tried to use an aero garden? What were the results? I’d love to hear about it! Last year when I had the herb garden, I had basil coming out of my ears! 🙂


Three Benefits of Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Oil

Ever heard of CBD Oil or what it can do for you?

CBD Oil is an oil that is extracted from the stalks and seeds of industrial hemp plants. It is NOT psychoactive, it contains no THC but the plants are bred to have high concentrations of the naturally occurring Cannabinoid-Cannabidiol (CBDa).

It is considered a whole food with exceptional nutritional qualities in an easy to use form. It comes in vape oil for those who want to vape it, a tincture that can be added to food or beverages or used straight by dropping a few drops under the tongue, chewed in a CBD gum and even rubbed on the body as a salve.

From their website

I have been using it for about three months and I use Blue Moon Hemp company because they sell their product in a vapor shop right close to my neighborhood.

What it does for me:

  1. Helps me sleep
  2. Reduces my level of anxiety
  3. Stops pain

It can be ordered straight from the company by going to this link: Blue Moon Hemp and questions about the product can be found there or at this number- 844-425-8666

The vape oil comes in 4 strengths and several different flavors-I have only tried the Flan flavor and it is delicious.

Blue Moon Hemp has created a product that is affordable, quality, organic, non-GMO, and safe for everyone.  CBD Oil is just being discovered as a “wellness” supplement, helping people combat everything from depression to seizures. It will not make you “high”, you will not fail a drug test. You do not need a permit or a prescription to purchase it. Unlike medicinal marijuana, it is safe enough for anyone to use and perfectly legal in all 50 states.

I am lucky I can purchase locally and save the shipping costs but that shouldn’t stop you from trying the product of your choice. If you need a better night’s sleep, suffer from migraines, or just stay anxious all the time (and who doesn’t these days) you owe it to yourself to try CBD Oil in whatever form you choose.

Research shows that when you supplement your endocannabinoid system with non-toxic, non-habit-forming cannabinoids, you may create a healthier ECS and therefore a healthier you. Learn more about your ECS system at The National Institutes of Health. We have only recently discovered that we have our own cannabinoid system inside our bodies, this is groundbreaking stuff here!

There are so many ways and products that CBD Oil is a part of, yet I am only familiar with the product I use from Blue Moon Hemp for its quality and trusted performance.


Celebrating, Donating and Spending Time With Friends and Family

This weekend has been bittersweet as we continue to think about all the victims from Hurricane Harvey and still try to celebrate with family and friends. Missing my cruise enabled me to stay here and attend church yesterday, learn about how I could contribute a small donation to UMCOR to provide relief kits or other materials to disaster relief efforts, attend a barbeque with old friends and see their house for the first time, and visit my brother and eat and swim at his house for the first time in many months!

The tiki bar and outdoor kitchen at our friends Billy & Lisa’s house

I invite you to click on the link for United Methodist Church on Relief to learn how to donate. 100% of your donation goes to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Every little bit helps whether you donate $1 or $1000, they need all the help they can get. In Port Aransas, they are asking for more clean up type items instead of clothing. There was a list on facebook of needed items but I have not been able to find it this morning. Go to their chamber of commerce page and ask if interested.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Labor Day! Thanks for your support, comments and visiting my little blog!


PKD Awareness Day!

I am helping to spread the word about PKD today because 600,000 Americans are living with this chronic, life-threatening genetic disease.

Anyone who knows me and/or follows this blog, knows I have PKD in the early stages and started participating in promoting awareness by talking about it and walking in the yearly WALK FOR PKD.

PKD Awareness Day is today, Sept 4 so I am again trying to do my part and make everyone out there understand more about what these folks are dealing with. Since I am in the early stages, I have too many cysts to count, yet they are so far small, so they are not affecting my daily life or my kidney function. Many others are undergoing dialysis or some other form of treatment to deal with their disease.

I’m helping raise awareness by placing the teal PKD ribbon on my Facebook page, and soon you will see some links from the PKD foundation to help understand what it is, fundraising efforts and how you can help, how to talk to your doctor if you or a loved one has been diagnosed, and more. I realize that right now the focus is mainly on several natural disasters ravaging the nation right now, from the hurricane in Houston, to fires raging from California to Montana, but just take a few minutes out of your day, if you don’t mind, and say a prayer for all those fighting their own battle with this disease.

Polycystic kidney disease is closer to home than you realize.
Let’s do the math: If every American has 150 acquaintances and 600,000 Americans are living with PKD, then there are only 1.2 degrees of separation between the healthy American and person with PKD.


I hope you don’t mind me spreading the word and helping raise awareness, you all may or may not know that the Walk For PKD is coming up in October, so you will be seeing more updates as the time gets closer.

Everyone have a spectacular Labor Day and take a minute to think about those people dealing with all types of debilitating diseases including PKD and continue saying prayers for those on the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Harvey.